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Thanks for the heads up!

I have known Ronnie Barrett for years and he must have made a Gold Finger's Fortune for the business.
If I recall, he started the business around 1982 and Ronnie will be 69 later this year.
Of course, he has been in business for years. He also was and is a true Southern Gentleman and a good guy.
I never saw him without a nice professional suit dressed to kill as they say at any event or show.
I guess with the very lucrative offer "no doubt" and the fact a guy can only have so much fun!! There comes a time it is to live for oneself. Although he really enjoyed the weapons industry and the quality of weapons they made.
In strictest confidence and privacy, a company in Nashville that I use to teach for, built Barrett AR Rifles for Ronnie.
I would like to know what they paid for Barrett!

Sniper03, just a general reality check, in Barrett's case, he likely made out well. However, a successful exit strategy and transaction for most privately held companies is extremely difficult for endless reasons. I obviously don't know his situation, numbers, family ownership or not, etc. Family owned companies are especially hard to sell.

That is part of what I privately owned companies with exit plans. They all think their well known (or not so well known) companies would want to be owned by everyone and that just isn't the case. It depends on "the real numbers" which we don't know and, sometimes, family complications, which we don't know. All it takes is one obstinate share holder to bomb the whole thing. It's on uTube that his family seems to play nicely together.

Potential buyers have to be vetted and most of the time, they aren't qualified for a myriad of reasons, money only being one of them. It could be just who they are. Not everyone is willing to sell to just anyone. In Barrett's case, he, no doubt is protecting his name beyond the sale. If not, he should. Debt is another reason. Does the company have a good balance sheet? Maybe so maybe not. Nobody is going to buy someone else's debt and you would be surprised how silly private owners get with their money. Then the buyer has to raise the money if they don't have it and, in the case of a firearms buyout, it may get complicated, may not. Egos get in the way an amazing amount of the time and lenders don't want to get involved in arm's sales any more in many cases.

I think Barrett is easily smart enough to deal with all of that and he likely hired the right people to guide him through the maze of intricacies. It is probably a darling of a transaction. My points are, that is seldom the case and it's surprising how many transactions don't take place for reasons one would laugh at. I suspect Barrett will be busy promoting his company by contract for the new owners with a smile on his face. 馃榿 This is likely one of those "country boy does good" cases. I hope so. The free world needs his products.

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Thanks that was, a Good Read!

An article about Ronnie Barrett:
In the last 100 years, Barrett is the only individual to design, create, manufacture, market and mass-produce his firearms for use by the United States military. Notable individuals that have invented firearms adopted by the United States military include John Browning, John Garand, Eugene Stoner, John Thompson, Melvin Johnson Jr., and Eugene Reising. None of these controlled their products or company鈥檚 destiny to the degree that Ronnie Barrett has.

Regarding Ronnie he is as I said a true southern gentleman. And as in a lot of southern families, he is the patriarch of the Barrett family. So, I doubt if there was little if any issues with the family because I am sure those that worked for him will be well taken care of, that is the kind of guy he is. But I think from what I read most all of the people working there including those in the Barrett family will remain there! I am sure there will be money coming in overtime other than the initial funds. The Barrett name in the military is one of the tops!!
And his military product line has been one of the leaders for the US and world's militaries and has been for years since 1982. And his 50 BMG Rifles are used by about every military that is allowed to be exported to.
So those that bought the company have bought a true gold mine!
Here is one of my favorite 50 BMG Rifles Barrett makes. A few years ago, at the Shot Show Ronnie offered to sell me a demo that had come back from a test and evaluation, that was in excellent condition for $3400. I was "STUPID" and did not take him up on it because I could have doubled my money at the time since then they were selling for $7,000 -$8000 at the time. Truth is, I probably did not have the money at the time and where would I shoot it? Today the new improved Barrett 107-A 50 BMG in the picture is selling for around $1299.00. MSRP
So, I wish Ronnie and the family all the best. Like some of us life has been a good but fast paced journey.
But probably for Ronnie like some of us, the time comes when one wants to slow down a little and enjoy life and what time we have left,
For sure, I fall under that category. I put the brakes on and slowon ed down in 2020 and now enjoying things on my time!

Has anyone seen the Hurt Locker? They use a Barrett 107 50 BMG as a Sniper Rifle.

10-4 on all of that, Sniper. I've spent a lot of time in Murfreesboro and it's a nice place with some nice Southern people. Not surprised he was spawned there. Yes, he had a good idea and was able to successfully monetize it I would bet. He does come across as a very civil gentleman on YouTube....just a plain old gentleman that's kind of laid back. I've shot one of his rifles in Texas on some open land, guns and land owned by an ex-sniper in Afganistan. They aren't your run of the mill gun by any stretch. Twice was enough for me so those real snipers earn their keep. I hope he insisted that American citizens be allowed to continue to buy them. 馃槑


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Yes, the 107-A has some recoil for sure. When I hung around with the East Coast Seal Sniper Team at several of their Sniper Schools, I shot the Barrett M 107-A quite a bit. But the Seal Team's McMillan Bolt Action Sniper Rifles being 50 BMGs had a recoil and a half!
Most people do not realize even with their Muzzle Break it is amazing how much pressure comes out of them on each side. The spotter best be snuggled up to the side of the shooter.
Reminds me of a story regarding preassure! Dating my self by mentioning the 3.5 Rocket Launcher prior to the LAW Launcher being implemented. I was a Range Safety Officer for the Range during 3.5 Rocket Launcher training.
Those who do not know how that training goes, you have the soldier firing the weapon and a loader who puts the Rocket in the Tube. Then when loaded and ready to fire he taps the soldier firing the weapon on the Helmet to let him know the weapon is ready to fire. Well, the Soldier firing the weapon and the loader was in place and ready to do the tap to fire. I about S------- because there was a soldier walking up in behind the two soldiers and behind the 3.5 Rocket Launcer. I got on the blow horn and screamed "cease fire", "cease fire"! I jumped in the Jeep and went down range and ripped the soldier a new Arssss! that was walking up behind the 3.5. He had been within 20 feet of the rear of the launcher violating safety protocol when I saw him. He seemingly by expression, looked like he did not know why I was raising so much H**l with him.
So, I got an empty wooden 3.5 Rocket storage box and set it on the ground 15 feet to the rear of the two soldiers that had been ready to fire the 3.5 previously. I told him, private stand over here with me and watch the box. You are going to learn something today other than out of a 3.5 Rocket Launcher manual and safety lesson plan. I made the line hot again and told the two soldiers to get prepared and go ahead and fire the Launcher. And they did! You should have seen the privates face. He literally turned white and then his face turned red as the box from the rearward blast of the Rocket blew the box into a splinters like toothpicks.
When we get back to the company area you need to come and see me!
But that an experience in pleasure and as previously said the spotter on the 50 BMG Sniper Rifle could be severely injured if not up tight to the shooter due to the Muzzle Breaks "Blast" !

Yeah, I know about the recoil. I have a live 50 BMG round my friend gave me. That is a hoss of a round. I can see how they deal out mayhem and destruction a long ways off. I wouldn't want to shoot it all day. One has to have a proper place to shoot one too.
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