Guards in schools

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    The Wake county school board proposed a plan to put unarmed guards in every school at a cost of over $800k per year. Right now this plan has been put on the shelf.

    The Highway Patrol has offered to monitor all schools in the state. Every time I go anywhere there is a officer of some fashion sitting on the side of the road doing paperwork or sitting in a shopping center running tags. How about putting a table near the entrance of all schools so officers can do their paper work in the school. Considering the city of Raleigh has over 500 officers there should be an officer in every school most of the time. We also have the sheriffs department and a host of other agencies. If officers want to run tags they can sit near the school and run tags. Chances are they will pick up just as many people as sitting in a shopping center.

    Many youth have a lack of respect for police officers because their only contact with police is the school resource officer. Many kids only have negative experiences with the school resource officer. We wouldn't have this massive lack of respect for law enforcement if kids have positive experiences with police. Many of the officers would enjoy just having fun with the kids.
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    An unarmed guard? How exactly can that person " guard " anything? I just don't see any simple solution to these problems. Bi think the cause is from many fronts.

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    Wake county had allied Barton unarmed security guards in their high schools for quite some time. Guess they stopped that. And the NCSHP has no law enforcement powers beyond motor vehicle laws and very limited criminal law authority. They would be a poor choice. Hiring a company police agency on the other hand would be the most cost effective.
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    I totally agree. That would be an awesome plan.
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    Unarmed guard. Oh, yeah. We called those "Cover and concealment, disposable."

    Mark Twain spoke to this ages ago.
    "First, God created an idiot. That was for practice. Then he created a school board."
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    Couple of issues in this thread. Paperwork is a large and very necessary part of law enforcement that needs to done accurately and immediately to insure nothing is forgotten about and the complainant/victim has a thorough report of whatever incident. Paperwork shouldn't be done in between meet and greets while kids run amuck. Also rarely do LEO just run tags for poops and giggles, they are too busy real problems or what people think are real problems (that's another story). If you doubt this please schedule a ride along with the agency of your choice or take a tour of a 911 call center. Troopers with State Highway Patrol have the same arrest powers as any other LEO and they have jurisdiction throughout the whole state. Generally speaking though they are busy dealing with wrecks and other traffic issues as that is their first priority. As far as have an excess amount of officers to deploy into schools...that's just flat out wrong. Across the country police agencies are running at, near or below minimum capacity. The funds just aren't there to hire the numbers that are actually needed. This is my first post on these forums so let me get back on topic.

    Having an LEO at every school is an option but at a cost to the tax payers. The real issue that needs addressing is the elimination of the gun free zones and let the non-liberal school staff pack some heat if they want. Let me walk my daughter to class with my glock on my side. Unarmed guards are just a stupid idea, in the moment of a hairy event the unarmed guard is just another person calling 911 that has to be saved. Armed guards wouldn't be as bad though. I suppose I could be talked into my tax dollars being burned on an armed guard. Just my opinion, but i think my option is a good one.