Guard Dog ammo

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    Anyone have hands on experience with this? Read an article in guns and ammo and I am intrigued. Should negate any issues with hollow points clogging and not opening, which I have heard can happen with heavier clothing. Thanks for any input!
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    Not The Gd's In .45 But In .357,...I think we have 2 full boxes & an open one we tested out...
    At the time we shot a few rds. each through 3 Guns, Ruger SP101 2.25", Colt King Cobra 3" & Colt Python 6"...
    very good groups on Shoot N C targets out to 10-12 yards on the snubbies and Very very Good out to 25 Yds From a Partially Bagged Rest through the "Big Snake!" Note: all three had improved Grips and the two Colt's are "Mag-Na-Ported" I heard they are making them In some new calibers? But it so hard as it is to get ANY major handgun ammo. We drove all over N.Az. on Monday, Two Gun shops, A Wally World, and a Big Five, just to get 100 Rds. Of .9mm Ball & 80 Rds. of SD, and 100 Rds of .38,..50 Ball & 50 SD...
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