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  1. Magnum27

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    So I am looking at getting a Glock 17 soon. How much in advance do I need to become a GSSF member and is it hard to get the GSSF price from a local shop? THANKS!
  2. SK2344

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    I don't know what a GSSF is but here in Florida if you are a Police or Security Officer, Glock sells to you for a discounted price. I got a 100.00 discount on my G26 about 3 years ago and 75.00 discount on my G30SF about 2 years ago by using my Security G License. ;)

  3. flea2107

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    You don't have to be a cop or anything to get a discounted price, muchless live in Florida. GSSF stands for Glock Sport Shooting Foundation. They hold competitions indoor and outdoors. When you join, you can do a one year membership or a multi-year membership. If you sign up for a one year, you have to wait until you have signed up for your second year then you get a certificate for the purchase of a Glock for like $420 or so. Also depending on the model the price varies. If you do a multi-year membership from the beginning you should receive your certificate with your membership packet. Take that to a participating Glock dealer and a new Glock will be yours.