GSG MP5 22 w/tac light

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    Question for you guys....I've recently gotten one of these 22 MP5 clones, I got the tri-rail tactical hand guard and a tac light. I was wondering anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to run the wire for the pressure switch to keep it out of the way and clean looking? At the moment I have the light mounted on the right hand side (as you look down the gun) and the wire is being fed through the hand guard and out the other side, however I am a little worried on the wire being that close to the barrel under the hand guard and also it defeats the purpose of having a detachable light if the wiring is run in a way that it requires tools to remove.

    Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated - how is your tac light mounted and how did you affix the pressure switch? (pics would definitely be helpful too)


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