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    I've been looking at the German Sport Guns 5PK (German Sport Guns - GSG-5PK MP5 Pistol, .22LR). My family does A LOT of plinking. Target shooting, finding objects to shoot at (non-living), and skeet shooting. We hardly ever hunt. So .22 are a great choice, due to cheapness (well not for skeet ;p).

    Anyways, I held one at gander mountain, and I have to say I really like the feel of it. Very solid. But for $600 is it worth it? Sure it looks and feels godly, but how does it shoot? I heard they have feeding problems.

    Is it worth saving for? I like it, as close to owning a real Mp5k, without selling my soul.
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    Actually the closest you can get to owning an MP5K without the $200 tax stamp and all that crap is a SP-89 or a V-89

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    I own one, I've shot one, and all I can tell you is my personal experience. I shot some really old .22 longrifle ammo through a very dirty GSG-5 owned by a friend of mine. We shot probably 150+ rounds through it, all at rapid fire. The GSG shot and fed perfectly, and at 10 meters, I was able to put all 20 rounds I was loading into each magazine into a ragged, quarter-sized hole with a cheap little red dot sight.

    I was so impressed I immediately went out and bought one for myself. :)

    I've posted another couple of threads about my GSG, you can find them in here.