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    Being gimped up for the time being, I've been heading to the range a good bit on the mornings that I don't have physical therapy. Today, I had it to myself, so I did my best to kill a paper hostage-taker quickly from behind cover. Only killed the hostage twice, so I felt good.
    When I finished, it was time to swap dirty jokes with Jerry behind the counter and another guy. The "other guy" had one of these, and swapped me a magazine of .22 LR out of it for some 9MM out of my Tupperware. What a great rifle!

    American Tactical Imports GSG-5 Semi-Auto .22 LR Carbine
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    they are great guns, a ton of fun to shoot also. ive had mine for about 6 months now. Cant find them for sale anywhere at all anymore though. When they were imported they were only brought in in small numbers so they sold out rather quickly.

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    Update on this?

    Hey. Noticed this posting, not sure you two are still active on this or not. I am going to a gun show this weekend. I was thinking about picking one of these up based on a posting I saw on "" discussion board.

    Do you both still recommend this, if I can find it? There seems to be a decent amount of add-ons for tac gear (red dot, front grip, extension rails, etc.)

    Any recommendations/issues to share about this firearm?

    Thanks, any tips are appreciated.

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    I have shot one of these before and my impressions were so favorable that I immediately bought one. I actually just put an MP5 claw sight rail mount and a little red dot sight on it.

    They're great little guns. Look the part, shoot straight, very simple and very accurate. A great, affordable plinker with great, affordable ammunition during tough times.

    I say go for it!

    My only recommendations are to find a good quality sight rail (NOT the cheap ones that are popping up on the websites) and a decent, inexpensive red dot and have some fun! Make paper wish it had never been tacked up in front of you or put a few squirrels on the table. ;)