GSG 1911-22 Do Over

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by JonM, Apr 30, 2011.

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    took my newly replaced GSG 1911-22 out for a shoot today. put a total of 350 rounds through it with no failures not even a hiccup. ammo was cci blazer. i modded it a little replacing the sear, disconnector, safety, and grips. future mods will be to replace the hammer and grip safety.

    i removed the magazine safety and firing pin block safety. this gave the gsg a very very nice crisp trigger pull. it feels around 4-ish pounds.


    200 rounds from 6-15 yards. groupings started at the top a little to the right after several very small adjustments it finally started hitting center after drifting the front sight a bit.


    downside is loading the magazine. it will rip the hell out of your thumb if your not careful


    you can see the offending part on the magazine. that sharp little pointy bit requires that you push the follower down from the side of the mag and drop the rounds in one at a time.


    im very very pleased with it so far. if your interested in the gsg ATI is no longer the sole source of these neat little shooters. sig is now selling them.

    i dont know if the sig version has the threaded barrel or not. with a major manufacturer like sig slapping their name on em it may well mean this nifty gun will be around for a while making spare parts easier to get.
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    I'm glad things worked out. Good report. Thanks Jon.