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  1. NvRbanArms

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    Is there anyone that used or used the talon grips before. Which ones are best? They go from like light to heavy and is the grit one better or rubber? Thinking about getting one for the glock but don't like how they look. But if they're really that great I could give up looks for ruggedness. Thanks.
  2. lyodbraun

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    They are really nice, I had a set of the Rubber ones and they felt great, Ive since switched to the new Tuff1 slip on grips, they feel much better and give alot better grip IMHO and dont add the bulk like other slip on girps do... might want to give those a look .... but the Talon grips are nice... I also had the AGrip Grips from brookstactical and that was ok but I just didnt like like the looks of it LOL its like a suede type material .. but it does give a good grip.... hope this helps..