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    Hi guys,

    I had a pair of Pachmayr grips on my CZ75, but these are to thick for my short hands.
    Also the usual Hogue`s don`t fit very well, due to the fingernotches on the front.

    What I am looking for, is a pair of grips, that have the stickyness of the Hogue, but don`t have the finger notches on the front and are as slim as the Hogues.

    My idea was, to diy some.
    I don`t want wood, so there is only metal or plastic.

    I have some square aluminium plates, but I don`t have the cnc machines to make the panels from them.
    The other idea was to make negative shape from the bottom of the pachmayr grips I have and pour the grips out of epoxy or something like that.

    Does anybody know, if that stuff would work and could something in the epoxy damage the pistol?
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    Thank`s for the link.

    I`ve been at that sight already.
    The Custom AL grips are very sweet, but $ 85,- ist a bit much.
    € 89,- here in germany.

    Has anybody tried the Signature grips from Pachmayr for the cz75?

    I have only seen them at midway and mounted on a CZ in an online auction on

    I just don`t know, if the Signatur grip is as thin as the Hogue.