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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by gunguy9mm, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I'm new to 1911's and definitely not a pureist. I recently aquired a new in box S & W 9mm pro series. I like it. Just made my first trip to the range with it. I did clean it first. I initially had thin gloves on and discovered that when I changed my grip sometimes the hammer would fall and I would have a failure to fire. I played with it for a couple hundred rounds and discovered that if I did not grip it properly( not tight enough) The hammer would fall but not fire. When I got home I tried various things with the old pencil trick and confirmed it is a grip safety issue. If it is not fully pressed sometimes you can get the hammer to fall without fireing pin contact. I think normal operation is the trigger should not break and the pin should not fall. The gloves were a big part of the problem, but it did happen twice without them. Anyone have anything to say on this issue. I thought I would ask here first before I call S & W. Thanks in advance for your imput.
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    the grip safety only prevents the hammer from falling. i would look at the firing pin safety. its a big fail point.

    my opinion they dont belong in 1911's. but its there you gotta deal with it. if its under warranty send it to s&w. if you dont feel comfy doing it yourself take it to a gunsmith. they can fix the stupid firing pin safety

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    Been a while since I had a S&W 1911 so I don't remember if the FPB is "powered" by the grip safety or the trigger. The grip safety is generally a go/no go device. It has a notch that allows the trigger bow to clear which allows the trigger to be depressed. On a trigger powered FPB, the over travel screw on the trigger can be to tight which allows the sear to be released before the FPB is released. Back out the over travel adjusting screw as it's probably to tight. Gloves are moot to this issue...
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    New gun with a problem, no brainer.

    If you can't fix it with Slap, Rack, Bang..........

    Call S&W.