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    I looked up whether or not it is legal to conceal carry in state in florida on a greyhound. I havn't had a hoodrat greyhound adventure in a while so I looked up regs and conceal carry is a noooooo gooooo , negative gh0st rider....the pattern is full. Even greyhound know how bad their busses are and don't want passengers offing themselves or others on their bus. :D

    Kinda wish I could carry though . A guy tried to stab me once on a greyhound for lookin at him as I glanced around the bus bored out of my skull just checcin all the humans out , other passengers pounced on and subdued him . And boy , They kicked that sumbitch off the bus at 3am in the middle of NOWHERE about 300 miles in any direction to an exit or civilization..... I can still remember the running lights slowly fading on his SOL face unti it was just pitch black.

    Wherever we were I remember there wasn't even street lights.

    Anyone else have greyhound horror stories?
  2. kytowboater

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    Never stabbed...... Was hit up for money while urinating at a station. Asked to buy drugs etc. told one kid if he made another step at me it would be his last. He decided to move on. I hate Grey hounds.

  3. gollygee

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    I won't travel by any means which does not allow me to carry. Of course I'm retired & can say that because no one can dictate where I go or how I get there. :)
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    Stabbed on a bus? All the more reasons to carry concealed on a Greyhound bus.
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    I have tons of greyhound story's.I did get a pocket knife confiscated. I had it clipped on my pocket, there was a officer standing next to the buss as people boarded. He came up to me and told me I had to give him the knife or I couldn't get on. So I unfortunately had to relinquish my knife so I could get on home.
    In ATL ga they searched bags for weapons and drugs. I hate greyhound and avoid traveling with them at all cost but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
    The stations are equivalent to hangin out in the projects. If responsible licensed citizens were allowed to carry, it would make for a safer atmosphere.
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    When I was going to work for SWIFT I had to ride a greyhound to Gary Indiana where is stay for 5 days of orientation and training. My parents and wife drove me to the bus station in Louisville ky. I checked my baggage and got in line at the doors to go out to the bus line when we were told the bus had been over booked. WTF? How do you sell more tickets than your bus has seats? Fortunately I didn't pay for the ticket, Swift Trans Corp did so I didn't raise too much hell. The next bus wasn't due to arrive in Gary till 1 am and I had to be in the classroom at the truck terminal at 7 am leaving little time to get some rest. My parents decided to drive me up, I would've drove myself but leaving my truck in Gary In for 6 weeks while I trained with another OTR driver wasn't an option.

    About a month ago two men in Louisville shot and killed another man on a TARC bus in broad daylight and in front of several witnesses. All the more reason to carry on a bus.
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    To think I used to ride the Old Gray Dog by myself back and forth from D.C. to N.Y. back when I was in elementary school to visit relatives. I wouldn't ride one today.
  8. kytowboater

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    It's not recommended. There were people sitting in each others laps last time I rode.
  9. c3shooter

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    Been 17 yrs- youngest daughter was moving from CO to TN to go to school. Drove rental truck out with her stuff, rode the dog back from Knoxville- via Nashville, Little Rock, Dallas, Amarillo, Pueblo, and home.

    Little "slice of life" there. Had a cowboy wallet that clipped in the top of one boot, my ticket in the other. Would not make that trip today with an 870 on my lap.
  10. trip286

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    Once rode from Jacksonville NC to Memphis, sitting in the back with an elderly lady (easily in her 70's, possible 80's) drinking moonshine the whole way. I had to be dragged off the bus. Not for being bad, but because I couldn't walk. The old lady was being dragged right behind me.

    Good times.