Greetings from S Tx.

Discussion in 'Texas Gun Forum' started by curly45, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. curly45

    curly45 New Member

    Just wanted to say hello. Will be going to the monthly gin show in Pharr this weekend hope to find something. Selection is not very good here in so. texas and prices are a little high but I keep trying. Hope to be going to the ft.Worth/Dallas area shows this summer. Happy Trails
  2. NavyVet

    NavyVet New Member

    I'll probably go to the one in Robstown in March. I doubt I'll drive up to Dallas, but I do like going to San Antonio gun show.

  3. TexasRog

    TexasRog New Member

    Try Glick Twins in Pharr. I like goin there for reloading supplies. Also Johnny's True Value in Harlingen or Bass Pro there also.
  4. sandman3511

    sandman3511 New Member

    Glick Twins is a great place. I have bought several firearms there with no problems. Great selection there. Johnnys Tru Value is also a good place for ammo and mags. Glick Twins prices on firearms are better tho. In Brownsville Cash America Pawn located at 124 Security Dr also sells NIB firearms. Berretas, Glocks, S&W, Colts, Remingtons, Taurus, Rossi, etc. Thye just recently started doing so. The prices are at the most 20.00 over regular prices HOWEVER, they have lay away with 6 to 12 months to pay it off. They will also order for you. They are FFL dealers. I recently finally located a CZ 527 in 7.62 x 39mm which i had been trying to find for over 2 years. They found it for me in six months and ordered it for me. When it arrived it was still wrapped in plastic in the factory box. All they did was verify the weapon serial number and then reseal the box and place it in their gun safe for me. My price was less than $700.00 which is more almost $100.00 less than i have seen online and on other gun sites. Its worth a look.

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