GREAT week off work!!

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    :DHad to take this week off of work to not lose my last week of vacation pay. My Co. (Of 31 years) was bought out last Aug. 1, and had to NOT be at work to get my last week of vac. pay before this Aug. 1. Had Honey doos the first of the week, with a little fishing in between. Today I left out at 7:00am to the fishing pond/shooting range. By 7:45 had a nice 3-4 lb Large Mouth on my buzz-bait=good start of day:)-caught a few 2-3lb.after that+started to hear my Varmint Rifle calling. Picked up+went to the Back 40 for some target shooting. Set up targets-2 paper-2 milk jugs full of water+various other items. At aprox. 120yds. took 2 fouling shots. First just low (1/4" of dead center) Second drove the thumb tack through the center of the bulls-eye,where I had placed it++ for my shooting ability. Shot 3 shots about 1" apart on a piece of 3/16" steel plate,and went back to those holes, and clover leafed them, with 2 or 3 shots each. Damn these new 6mm Rem. hand loads are shooting GOOD!! This new(to me)used Rem. 700 VLS is a good one. Had to see if my second attempt on the trigger adjustment was right-it was. On the first attempt I had too much "creep"-now is perfect. Stopped back at the fishing pond, on the way out+ caught another 3.5lb Bass+couple of small ones. Got back home in time to see Maury Pov. to see who's baby's who"s. Perfect day so far--Must get some more Honey doos done, before the Wife gets home from a "Hard Day at Work". I may?? re-fill some of those 6mm cases with IMR-4064+70gr. Nosler BT. before she gets here?? Just a PERFECT DAY, and HAD to share!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D
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    Well that kicks the crap out of my day...and I have an sudden desire to punch you.

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    Now that's an excellent day, fishing and shooting. :D

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    Hell, it's been raining off and on here in God's county. Glad you had a sporty day there Billybob. I am jealous!! :mad:
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    didn't even look at the guns Had to run arrends did a little geocaching on the way home.

    Any day that involves fishing or shooting is a good day and a day that involves fishing and shooting is a great day.
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    I am jealous. Your day reminds me of one of the best days I have ever had. It was back in 1996 or so, I was on a business trip to New Zealand, and I had become close friends with the client's representative. We scheduled my trip so that I was "stuck" in NZ over a week-end. My Kiwi buddy took me up to the Lake Taupo district (mid-North Island) for that week-end. World class fly-fishing for rainbow trout up in the mountains (absolutely beautiful) in the morning, then duck hunting in the marshes in the late afternoon.

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