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I just attended an excellent training course that I would like to share with you.
I dont want to make this this sound like an advertisement but I think every LEO should should have this type of training even if you shoot competition.

The instructor is Det. Antoine Lane of the Austin TX police department and has developed a course he calls AIM4LE.

I have been an avid shooter most of my life and I can rip the center out of paper targets at 25yards.
We all know that being a great target shooter has very little to do with tactical shooting especially in stressful situations but that is just about all we can get our PD to do during quarterly quals.
We (my squad partners and I) also practice some self invented drills and we regularly do things like the el presidente so I thought I was pretty good, compared to the rest of my department anyway.

Det. Lane is a Grand Master competition shooter and a police officer and combines competition and tactical shooting and put them together in a high energy course designed for LEOs that was a lot of fun.

Ours was a fast paced advanced 2 day course .
We had a short period of class room where we did introductions and went through safety procedures and the AIM system then hit the range shooting.

Nearly all of the shooting was timed which put the shooter against the clock which was fun but added competition between shooters.
The last shoot of the course was man on man steel shoot which was great fun.
I must also add that I keep myself in pretty good shape by running and weight training but at the end of the day on both days I was wore out and sore.
For me and the other students it was training that will save our lives, the lives of our partners or an innocent citizens life.
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