Great session with Mark III and Mark IV 22/45 Lite

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by AzShooter, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Weather was perfect today for a practice session with temperatures in the low to mid 70s all morning. I had my Ruger Mark III with the Pac Lite barrel and compensator on it along with Hogue grips and my Mark IV with Alllchin compensator and Stoner grips.
    Both guns have the full Volquartsen Accurizine kits and the Mark IV has a Tandemkross Trigger. Each has a pull weight of 1 3/4 pounds and both have C-More Red Dot Sights on them.
    I was testing for speed and accuracy at 15 yards using a 12 inch Splatterburst target for the first shot and 2 8 inch targets for followups. Speed was good, with most draw to first shot from the low ready being .8 to .9 seconds. I'm trying to get .7s so I still have a lot to practice.
    Accuracy for transitions to target 2 and three were very good. I started missing a few in the beginning but after only two tries all my shots hit the black targets. This is good practice for Steel Challenge Matches.
    I put 200 CCI Mini Mags through the Mark IV Lite and all worked well. With the Mark III I was shooting Federal AutoMatch ammo and had 4 failures to fire. Cases stuck in the barrel and I needed a knife to pull them out. I fired a box of 325 and was pleased with their accuracy. Good ammo for practice but not good enough for matches.
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    Good work and sounds like you have made some fine shooters. I was struck by your failures with Fed 22lr ammo.
    I found in all the years that I owned and operated the indoor range in Mesa that nearly every 22 firearm did extremely well with any and all CCI ammo.
    Most did OK with Win hi velocity LR HPs.
    The Ruger guns pistol and rifle loved CCI but hated as did most other guns the Fed and especially Remington.
    I witnessed hundreds of failures and helped a lot of folks with their remedies for particular ammo for their gun. I have never understood why but just wanted to point out here what I had seen and as of two weeks ago I saw it still a problem with a young fellow having failures which again turned out to be Remington hi vel ammo in his mk111.
    (We didn’t have Aguila) ammo then so can’t say how they will function.
    I still only use CCI and never have failures with ANY of my 22s and that includes some made in 1905 to 1934 and up.
    If it is CCI they feed, fire and eject as expected.

    For what it’s worth