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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by flashman70, May 7, 2007.

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    I got my wife a EMP last month and ordered extra mags with the coupon SA gives you with each purchase. A very nice lady called me and said the mags I ordered wouldn't work with the EMP and wanted to make sure we got what we wanted. (I could quibble that they're offering non-EMP mags on the coupon that came with an EMP, but that would be ungenerous.) While I spoke with her I mentioned that the take-down clip needed to remove the recoil spring was small and easily misplaced. So she send me three more with the mags!

    After a range trip Saturday morning I noticed that the new EMP was missing a grip screw. I asked my wife if she had noticed that it was loose, but of course she hadn't. I just got off the phone with Springfield and they are sending a set of screws at N/C and apologized for the loose screw. (Don't get an apology like that every day!)

    Anyway, this is just to say SA's customer service has been great and the EMP is a terrific little gun.
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    This is the single oldest post in handguns.

    Note that he's just happy he got his screws. He isn't mounting anything sharp to the end of his EMP.

    Just thought I'd point it out.:)

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    This post is current. Over the holidays I purchased a Springer ,45 Ultra Compact stainless and an EMP40. After 400 rds they were both still spitting brass in my face. Called Springfield and a very nice lady listened and then sent to return labels by email. Packed the guns on a Thursday and the following Friday received the .45 back in the mail. When I called I asked if they wanted a mag for each gun and she said no. When the gun was returned there was a new mag with it. Apparantly the EMP is causing them more problems because I called today (2 weeks after shipping) and they said it was till there and would not be returned until next week. All communications have been friendly and helpful. At this point in time I think that Springer customer service is top notch.
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    IMHO, Springfield and S&W have customer service all others should take a lesson from.
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    I'm glad to hear about someone getting taken care of. Good customer service is hard to find.

    I had a similar experience with Pachmayr when I lost the threaded insert for the grips on my 629. It was totally my fault and they sent me a new one at no charge.