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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Dearhunter, May 26, 2012.

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    I finally bit the bullet and joined a shooting club in the Charleston, SC area. Its 35 miles from my home, but worth it. The club is 10 years old.

    It is located on nearly 100 acres. Has classrooms, H&H restrooms, all the maintenance equipment it takes to maintain the ranges are kept under covered sheds and stalls.

    There are 10 pistol shooting ranges with multiple stations on each, and for all types of matches, LDPA, IPSC, Cowboy, etc, etc, etc. They hold NRA sectioned matches almost every weekend.

    The rifle range is very large, (about 30 stations) with target stations up to 800 yards.
    All shooting stations are covered. Plus, built in solid/heavy tables and benches to shoot from. Lots of other good features.

    All this, including land, is 100% owned by the members.

    This will open up a vast area of new shooting for me with every weapon I have.
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    Now this sounds like a great place! I have been warned about the contagious effects of Cowboy Shooting so I have stayed away from it!!! We have a new range facility starting up close to my home here in Tennessee by the name of Black Dog! I wish them all the success in the world! Their plans for the facility are great! 35 Miles is not that bad to find a good range and club! Have a great time and enjoy.