great day at the range even though I lost a gun

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by hillbilly68, May 29, 2010.

  1. hillbilly68

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    No pics, too busy shooting. Sorry guys....:(

    Anyway, it was a pistol day for us (me and HOUSEHOLD 6). Had a Ruger SR9 I had just bought her, my Kimber and my XDm.

    First off, DONT buy an SR9. The trigger is horrible and the quality of the gun is second rate. I was able to get decent groups out of it, but it took a lot of effort to do so. My wife shot it very well, but again with great effort. The grooves on the slide are sharp and unfinished, very rough to handle. I reversed the back strap when I got it for her, a good feature on the gun. Nice narrow grip. The gun functioned each time without fail (hardball only though). After the second string of 5 I noticed that the trigger roll pin had walked out halfway. Pushed it back in and it functioned fine. Pretty substandard. I felt bad because I had just gotten it for her.

    Then the real trouble started.... I let her shoot my XDm. Girl voice..."ooh I really like this one..." After the initial 3 strings in the middle two rings of the target I knew I didnt have an XDm anymore. So goes it I guess. So the XD is now hers and Im stuck with a POS in my safe. Oh well.

    Secondly, if you want a striker gun, BUY an XDm. The trigger is unreal (in a good way). The gun feels like a wider 1911. It is ambi and shoots like a dream. Trigger reset is the shortest I have experienced in a striker gun.
    Only complaint from me is the mags are hard to release when loaded over 10 or so. This has gotten better with break in, still not where it should be though. Dont believe the capacity on the mag; marked at 19 but I wouldnt go above 16 or so post break-in.
    Follow up shots are fast, sights are bright and well crafted. Adjustable back straps are a great idea, swapped mine the day I got it.
    I will get another one for sure.
    The Kimber? Well enough said. Ten years running, she is my old friend and constant companion.
  2. CA357

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    It sound like a good day at the range for sure. My suggestion is to sell the Ruger immediately and use the money towards another XDm. :cool:

  3. skullcrusher

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    I agree with getting rid of the Ruger. If she likes the XDm, nuff said. Sounds like you each need one. :D
  4. mesinge2

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    I agree sell the SR9 for the new XDm in 45 acp.
  5. Shihan

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    I will agree with you on the SR9, I had one with the Pre Recall Trigger, it was a wonderful pistol never had a problem with it. Sent it in for the recall fix, reluctantly, and when I received it back could not stand the trigger. Didn't have the other issues.
    Trade it in towards a new M&P...I mean XD.:D
  6. Davyboy

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    Lost my favourite 12g auto to my son the same way :rolleyes:
  7. Biohazurd

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    I liked my SR9 it fit my hand nice and all and shot alright, the trigger could have used some work and a nice de-burr job could have helped, but i traded it to a friend for another Stoeger cougar. Now i gots a pair he he he. Bright side about your woman taking your gun, an excuse to buy another.
  8. jwhirl413

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    This gets much better over time, my XDm9 was pretty hard to release the magazine as well at first. It got much better very quickly and I've had no problems since the first couple of months. I can easily get all 19 rounds into a mag without the provided loader. And I haven't had any failures at all with it. I love both of mine.