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Discussion in 'Company Review Forum' started by orangello, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. orangello

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    I ordered a 13 round magazine for my Bersa Thunder 9mm UCP on 1/3/13; it arrived on 1/7/13. Given that there was a weekend in there, i think that was pretty darned timely.

    I have not fired from the magazine yet, but it looks fine and loaded fine. Bersa mags are seldom inexpensive IME, but their price was fair at $43.18 shipped. Their website indicated this was their very last one of these mags, and i believe it; the packaging showed that bottom of the box patina.

    Overall, VERY happy and will be ordering from them again!

    Thanks GrabAGun!

    P.S. If you get any more of those mags in, hit me up; i wouldn't mind ordering another.
  2. Jtelli71

    Jtelli71 New Member

    Grabagun is a solid company. I have bought my last 4 guns from them.