Grab your tazers

Discussion in 'Michigan Gun Forum' started by msup752, May 11, 2012.

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    Tasers Are now semi legal to own and carry. While I have not read the entire bill that was signed into law, I read a police brief on it. CPL holders can possess and conceal tasers. They do not need to be registered but manufacturers have said the devices are coded and traceable vial the sales chain.
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    Remember the old saying " Don't bring a Tazer to a gun fight"

  3. mountainman13

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    In what state?
    I believe the darts themselves are coded and the civilian models often have a confetti that is released when the taser is used.
  4. AZL

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    They are unregulated in AZ.

    I still carry a TASER with me. I rarely carry it on my person, but I have one in my truck at all times in a clip-on leather holster I had made.

    They are the greatest thing since sliced bread for officers snd civilians.

    Their use has ended a LOT of situations that otherwise would have turned into a "hands on" encounter....AND among a lot of people the, threat management, or "intimidation factor" of a TASER is enough to end it too. They have all seen the people screaming while getting TASED...which confuses me because getting tased doesn't hurt at all (I had to be tased to qualify to carry a TASER on duty).

    TASER (located in Scottsdale, AZ) will even give you a free replacement unit (civilian) if you have to use yours, and you send them a copy of the police report. They have awesome customer service.

    A TASER is a good investment in your over-all self defense tool kit.
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    That's great. They are illegal in ma. (of course) if I could I would carry a less than lethal device. Not carrying pepper spray I could eat that crap.

    You're the first person I've heard say they don't hurt.
    Everyone I know who has been tased says it sucks. Myself included.
    I was hit with a million volt stun gun though. That thing wiped me out for the day. I suppose its well above your typical taser/stun gun voltage though.
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    A 1 million volt stun gun really isn't that uncommon.