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    I am still searching for a .357 Revolver to have as a possible home defense gun ( I already have two 9mm as carry/home defense guns so I'm covered) because I like the point and shoot ease of use. :I'm not looking to use it necessarily as a CCW firearm, although I probably could especially in winter, but a stainless revolver might come in good use as a camp gun as well. I also like being able to have a firearm that will take both 38s and .357 should ammo continue to stay scarce.

    I have recently looked at a Rossi revolver, but I just found a Ruger GP100 w/ a 4" barrell, stainless steel at my local gun shop for around $550. This still seems a bit high to me, but I know the S&W counterparts are still in the $650 - $700 range, so I'm thinking it's the cost of the times. I have read lots of posts about the reliability of the Ruger and it seems to be generally accepted as almost as good as a S&W. Is this a good price for this gun, brand new in box, right now? Any experience with this firearm would be welcome as well.
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    You can probably find a 4" GP100 for less than $550. if you shop around a bit.

    I own both S&W's and Rugers. Both are excellent revolvers. Rugers are built like a tank and virtually indestructable. S&W's are somewhat smoother and generally lighter. Both have their good and bad points.

    If you want a good HD handgun, you'd be hard pressed to find something better than a 4" GP100. It's stout and will handle any round you feed it.

    Just my 2 cents. ;)

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    Just try to find one for less than 550 or talk the dealer down a little.
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    I've owned a GP-100 for years. It's as good as they get. When I go into the woods, it goes with me.