Gotta love Autozone......NOT!

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by TDS92A, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I do not shop there.
    It took three tries to get a bettery for my vehicle (a 1999 Dodge Durango).
    Even though their computer said they had one in stock, they didn't. The clerk kept giving me one that "should work", but didn't.
    When the clerk told me that I had a problem, in words that shall not get repeated here, I explained to him and all who heard, what the problem was.

    Go to O'Reillys.

  3. rhyno13

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    Yet one more reason to not shop at autozone. Those guys are idiots anyway
  4. robocop10mm

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    That is typical of most corporations. They are too concerned with liability and prefer employees who passively allow crimes. The litigious nature of our society has reached nearly all levels.
  5. KG7IL

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    I am a regular customer. I sent a comment, expressing my displeasure with the firing, and I feel the policy is wrong, that the employee should be honored.

    I asked for a response "While I am still a customer"
  6. MoreAltitude

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    Could be wrong, but I wouldn't hold my breath for too long waiting for a response (unless you get a quick generalized form letter). A family member of mine has worked there a very long time. His store is very customer service oriented a he and his workers have always bent over backwards to help people (I've hung out there a lot through the years) That being said, he utterly HATES AutoZone corporate and their policies. I'm not surprised at all they fired that guy.
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    That guy should be a hero. Not taking crap from scum.
  8. hmh

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    I am a mechanic most of my friends are mechanics all of the shop owners I know we all have one thing in common we carry and I will be sharing this with my friends and business associates I know it will not put them out of business but I hope around here they will feel it and hopefully someone will change there mind.
  9. levelcross

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    I agree with hmh ^^^^^. The only real problem is that corporate will not understand why sales are dropping, so they will replace the manager then rearrange the store and tinker with the sales adds. They do need to see emails of why shop owners are boycotting the stores, not just a hand full but a truck load or five.

    The only thing that I ever get from the zone is spark plugs or an occasional belt or hose. I have 2 good vendors in NAPA and Carquest.
  10. Axxe55

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    Boycott AutoZone! the man did the right thing, period. had he not done what he did, there is the possiblity the would be robber might have shot both men dead, just so there were no witness's. IMO, yes he definately did do the right thing and for them to fire him, just goes to show the character of their company. let's start a nationwide boycott and send emails on his behalf, expressing our displeasure in their policies. look at what one member started with Bass Pro Shops! maybe we could have the same results if we all get on board and start some sort of action against them.

    EDIT: i have sent them an email expressing my displeasure in their actions.
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  11. Cinderocka1989

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    I vote yes, there's a list of other reasons not to buy parts from auto zone, I worked for them for four years, I'm not surprised they fired him, but I definitely think it's wrong that they did.
  12. KG7IL

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    hmh, we can change their minds.

    levelcross, We will let them know via our emails.

    Axxe, YES.send email, phone, write I sent mine earlier.

    EVERYONE: If you are members on any other boards, you might check to see if they have a similar thread going.

    It really is time that all firearms owners get political, get involved to let companies know, and work with friends and family to provide them a better understanding of the issue.
  13. 762

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    i used to work there, this story doesnt surprise me one bit. kudos to the kid for going back in there and confronting that POS crook, too bad he didnt shoot him, one less dumbass to be on the streets. he'll no doubt go attempt to rob someone else.

    here's how AZ see's it, yeah, he saved them $2k (probably more if they were about to close the store for the night), but had the robber shot him or killed him, AZ would've been paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills or paying his family had he died. bet they looked at it as "we need to send a message that we cant tolerate this kind of behavior". even though had the kid not done anything, they could end paying for two employees being hurt or killed.

    i think he should have gotten some sort of warning at the very most and more appropriately some sort of raise or reward.
  14. shooter88

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    Ive always used k&n oil filters on my truck and went into autozone one day to buy one and they argued with me saying didnt make one my truck. I asked if they wanted to crawl under my truck and look at the oil filter that they dont make? Long story short... i took my business elswere
  15. Mosin

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    Boycott auto zone it is!!!!!!!
  16. silverado113

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    I still work there one day a week :( back up to the back up plan but it's in the manual you can't have a gun as an employee. No different than being punished for doing something you're not supposed to do as a kid.
  17. Vikingdad

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    These are extenuating circumstances. Devin McLean did what the situation demanded and he was commended by the police for what he did and how he did it. Auto Zone needs to step up to the plate, admit they made a mistake, rehire McLean and change their policy.

    Auto Zone's "zero tolerance" policy is intolerant of independent critical thinking. That is probably why I don't go there as all of the employees I encounter there are entirely incapable of independent thinking.
  18. sputnik1988

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    Never did like Autozone, only did business there when I had to.

    Never again.
  19. Colby

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    Any AutoZone store I have ever been in has employees with bad attitudes. They generally try to make their customers feel stupid and usually don't know what they are talking about.
    This kind of personnel attitude is a reflection of the management style of the upper management - and is usually a direct reflection of the top men running the company. Bad attitude - from the all the way down to the basic workers - that's the way it works.

    In addition to bad attitude, Autozone does not stock a good selection of parts. They stock some basics but if you need something just slightly different from the most common, they usually don't have it. But the employees, with their bad attitudes, will try to convince you that either: 1) you don't need it, 2) this other thing they have is better, or 3) you are so stupid that you don't know what you are talking about.

    This has been my experience over many years and in many locations. It is a reflection of bad people running the company.

    I have much experience in things technical and automotive - and I just will not waste my time going into AutoZone. Why should I not find what I want - and get attitude which attempts to beat me down at the same time?

    There are other excellent companies out there to deal with. I wrote off AutoZone a long time ago - because bad experience in their stores was a constant - It always happened! Consistently bad service and treatment over years and years...

    This latest display of bad management is in perfect harmony with the way that company is run. It is a direct reflection of bad people running the company. But that is the way it has been for a great many years.

    That company's only saving grace - that which is keeping them in business - is their advertising agency. They advertise well and often. And people buy into the advertising they see.

    They really should disappear due to poor sales and service - but the advertising keeps automotively unknowledgeable customers coming through their doors - asking for stuff - because they don't know any better.

    Knowledgeable automotive people will try not to go there - unless it is more of an emergency situation.

    Autozone -- please die and go away...
  20. silverado113

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    I'm all for the 2A, I own a gun business as you know. However, as a business owner, I believe it's their right to have certain policies whether right or wrong it is well within their right to do so. If I was in the same situation, I don't think I would change a thing, but I would do so knowing that it's probably going to cost me my job. Is AutoZone's policy stupid? YES! Are corporate and regional managers crappy leaders? From my experience at my store, yes. Orielly's has the same policy, so does Advance, NAPA, and just about any other retail store you can think of. Unfortunately that's part of being employed there, the same holds true for factories and a wide variety of other companies. The only reason I keep my job for the meager money I do make is since my current job is contract work, I could lose it at any given time so I would rather work at AutoZone than sit at home and collect an unemployment check. If you want some good car advice come into my store when I'm working ;) Now you know an employee who isn't incapable of independent critical thinking. I do wonder about some of the people we hire myself. I'm just a PSM and not a store manager so I don't do the hiring and firing.