Got the Remington out... finally

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by rjgnwdc, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Well I finally got my Remington R1 Enhanced out, went to a new range in WV "Tango Down" its a great little range it is outdoors has a rifle sec. with nice new benches with plenty of rests, and it has a pistol sec. it has several steel targets and Action steel targets out to 50 ft on the pistol section and some on the rifle range that are at 50yrd 75yrd and 100yrd, I took my AR with me and its still holding 3 shot groups within a Dime with iron sights. Now I know a range report is not complete without pics but, all mine got over shot really couldn't make anything out except a lot of holes, I wasn't able to just grab my target once I shot, we would have to wait for the range officer to halt shooting while all the targets were re-set I really like shooting the steel a lot better than the paper so that’s where I did almost all my pistol shooting. Anywho I took both my 1911's shooting 200 rounds through the Remington and a 100 through the Caspian without a hic-cup, I did have one dud reload bullet it didn't fire but other than that they were both flawless.

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    I really miss my Caspian :(

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    I'm looking at the 1911 R1 myself. If you get pics of your targets, please post.
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    It sounds like a good day and at a nice new range too. :cool: