got the parts but i feel like im missing something

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    ok so i got a 408 bat machine action, remington jewel trigger (recommended by bat) and a kreiger custom barrel. so what am i missing. i know the stock. of course i want it magazine fed, but, what do i need in order to accomplish that? then do i have to order a specific stock, or do i just cut out the one i buy to the dimensions of the magazine? basically i just dont know what else i need to finish it off.


    ps i am a newbie and im not building this, a competent gunsmith will be but i havent enlisted the help of one yet. i just want to get all the stuff and take it to him/her and get it built. an help is appreciated.


    i guess with the non repeater action i wont be able to use a magazine. ill have to load it one shot at a time right? DUH why didnt i think of that lol
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    I STRONGLY reccomend you take what you have to your local smith and he may offer or think of a lot more options than you realize is available.