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    So, about 6 months ago I sent an application as well as 20 dollars to the state of New Hampshire to get a non-resident pistol permit from them, seeing as I spend a considerable amount of time there each winter.

    Well, I literally forgot about it, and had written it off ages ago, when low and behold, I got an envelope from the state of NH in the mail this weekend. Cool!

    So, I got a "NON RESIDENT Pistol/Reolver License"

    It doesnt have my picture, just my description and my address as well as the permit numbers., and has no other real writing on it.

    So, What does this entitle me to? From what i know, I should be able to carry concealed in all my nevada reciprocal states, as well, as NH and it's reciprocal states (i think it added 8 states total)? Is that it, all I have to do is carry my pistol registration card, and my NV CCW and the NH pistol license?

    I think it just seems weird because it doesnt say "concealed firearms permit" or anything. But I assume each state is different.
    I understand that I need to be aware of the specific carry laws in each state that I intend to carry in, but I'm not sure is there's anything else?
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