Got my CCP today.....

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  1. skbryant32

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    Now I am legally allowed to carry concealed handguns....potentially able to take a life. I am 41, calm, intelligent, and I do not look for confrontation. Do any of you have any advice for me? Bits of wisdome, hard-earned through life and limb? :)
  2. willfully armed

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    Don't post things like "potentially able to take a life"

    Concealed carry has a few important points.

    Good gun
    good holster
    good belt
    good guy

    Do not carry the coolest little gadget gun they make just because it tucks nicely into the back of your necktie.

    I'm a firm believer in double-stack 9mm for carry, others trust a 5 shot j frame.
    Carry an adequate caliber. Carry adequate ammunition. Dress around the gun. Again, dress around the gun.

    It is a carry permit, not law enforcement accreditation.

    Society is a little bit safer with one more good guy and his gun on the street.
    Good job, welcome to the club.

    PS- Winchester ranger and Speer gold dots are better than hydrashoks.

  3. Win73

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    When you are carrying it is even more incumbent on you to avoid confrontation. If you ever have to use it, you do not want to even appear to have been the antagonist. Generally you need to use the "reasonable man" rule. Would a reasonable man have been in fear of great bodily harm or death?
  4. Kevin1047

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    It's your right,awesome you did it,people suck and there out there,keep the peice,you know when you have to use it,protect your family first and don't let that turd take it,they are the problem right now,just keep it in your pocket and tell no one,whoops I'm to late on that!!!!!,Haha,just do what you got it for protection,that's it,second amendment,you rock!!!!!
  5. MrWray

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    Congrats on getting your permit, just remember that if you ever pull your weapon,its because you/your family are in iminent fear of grave injury or death. I dont like seeing good people go to prison over an altercation where deadly force wasnt justified. With carrying a weapon comes more responsibility, just use your noodle and you will be just fine.welcome aboard...
  6. gollygee

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    Situation awareness is important. Be attentive to what is going on around you when out shopping, etc. Best scenario is avoiding a confrontation.
  7. vincent

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    All great advice...mine, grow a thicker skin, and be waaaay more tolerant of everyday BS, get your hands on anything written by Massad Ayoob and read it twice. Conceal, conceal, conceal. Know the laws, to the letter, practice, be safe, congrats!
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    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    Keep your weapon concealed to the extent that nobody would ever suspect you are carrying. NEVER tell anyone you are armed, unless you are making a 911 call, NEVER convey an impression that you are looking for a fight. You may have to back away from a confrontation in order to keep from escalating it into a really bad situation. Sometimes you will look timid by walking away from an adversary, but that's better than facing a grand jury over an unnecessary shooting. But at the same time, learn to recognize the once-in-a-lifetime occasion when your weapon is unavoidably needed, and don't let hesitation cost you your life.