Got a yote today while hog hunting

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    I went hog hunting at my friends ranch on the Red River today,and when I arrived around 7:15 am there was a huge boar behind his house about 550-600 yards away.Looking thru the scope on my 25/06,this hog was in the 400lb range,and it was a little too far to try getting a shot off where it was at.
    He has way too many cattle in the pasture behind the hog.
    We jumped in the truck and tried to get down to that pasture to get a closer/safer shot,but by the time we got near there,the hog had disappeared into one of the brushy draws.
    So I got in the bed of his truck,and Terry drove around trying to find this hog,when across another draw we see another boar walking into a small clearing.I didn't have enough time to range it,and just guessed it was around 300 yards away,adjusted my scope and sent a round at the hog.I was a little off on my estimated range,and the bullet went just over the hogs shoulder,kicking up dirt on the backside of him. That hog,hauled ***!

    The feral hogs are really tearing up his hay fields,along with everyone elses up there,and he shoots several of them almost daily.
    We drove around going from pasture to pasture on his and his uncles ranches all morning,but didn't see anymore hogs.

    On the way back to his place,we decided to go by one more pasture and check it out.As we came down the gravel road,we could see 3 coyotes out in the pasture,eating on a big boar he had shot 2 days ago.
    I know that pasture is 300 yards wide,so as soon as we get inside the gate I jumped out of the truck with my rifle.All 3 coyotes take off running,I picked one out,and sent him an express mail package in a 115gr Nosler C/T Ballistic Tip.
    It hit him low and back,but sent him tumbling,and looking thru the scope I could see the red mist in the air as he got hit.
    The other 2 were getting out of dodge in a hurry,and we weren't able to try for them.


    It sucks that I missed the hog,but atleast it wasn't a wasted trip.

    We saw a whole herd of hogs on another ranch-there were over 30 of them,but we couldn't shoot them since we don't have permission to.And we got to watch a bunch of turkeys that are all over Terry's ranch,come on spring turkey season.
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    Cool, get as many as you can. No hogs in my area of Ohio, but enough coyotes. I don't want any of em