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    I didn't have a rifle other than an old winchester in 30-30 and I wanted an inexpesive woods gun with a lil more oomph.I traded off a Remington 870 express shotgun+$140 at the gunshop for a Ruger American Rifle,they had one in .270 win,one in .30-06 and one in .308 win.....I ended up going with the .308,mostly due to advice over the years on here that you can't go wrong with .308.All I have on the gun now is a 32mm 1.75-4X scope and it will group .75" at 50 yards all day with that setup,I'm probably going to go with a Nikkon 40mm 3-9X at some point,but for now I think what I have will work for deer season,I have never shot a deer at over 40 yards where I hunt off on private land,I gots my own shooting lanes cut so no worry on branches defecting my shots.I expect alot of knock down power at that range this year..What do you'all think of this gun?

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  2. Gatoragn

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    Ya done good! :D

    Great choice in brand and caliber. You're going to need another freezer now.

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    What he said :D
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    I just purchased a Ruger Am. Rifle in .308. Love the way it feels. I have a Bushnell 3-9 x 40mm Elite on order along with weaver rings. Can't wait to get it on and take it out and get ready for deer season.
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    should be excellent for your purposes. what your doing with it is exactly what it was designed to be.