Got a question for you fan boys out there.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by DarinCraft, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. DarinCraft

    DarinCraft New Member

    Before we get started, I want to preface this with some facts. There are people out there who prefer something because it is what they want. They have reasons for their use and have a good argument as to why. These people are not FAN BOYS.

    Now why is it whenever the Remington 870, the Glock whatever and other things are brought up, there are some people who will ALWAYS SAY "The (insert brand) is the best out there, because that is what the Military/LE use."?

    Do you understand how idiotic that argument is? The reason these items are in use is solely due to the fact that product is cheaper than the competition. It is not the best, it is the cheapest. Would you say that the Ford Crown Victoria is the best car out there because that is what LE uses? Would you say the Hummer is the best off road armored personnel carrier out there because that is what the Military uses? No. Hey you might as well say red underwear makes you bulletproof because thats what Superman wears.

    Please for the sake of your own reputation on any forum including this one stop using that argument as to why the whatever is better than the others. You are simply showing a blind adoration of something that you have no original opinion of.

    If you like Glock or the 870 or fluffy pink bunny shoes, thats fine but if you have no intelligent reason as to why and the only response you can come up with is "because LE uses it..." then please don't respond, you are only making a fool of yourself.
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  2. doctherock

    doctherock New Member

    i agree with you. The military LE are only using what they do cause they have to. Because some guy in congress got them a good deal on pretty in pink pistols

  3. Shihan

    Shihan Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I agree. The Crown Victoria is the best car out there. :D
  4. rifleman1

    rifleman1 Active Member

    all my guns are the best guns, thats why i own them.
  5. Glasshartt

    Glasshartt New Member

    I am a Ford person because I, and my family, have never had any luck with other makes.
  6. AcidFlashGordon

    AcidFlashGordon New Member


    I own them all and I find pros and cons with them all. One isn't better than the other.....just different.
  7. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    1911, nuff said...
  8. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Is there a question in there somewhere? Or are you just asking WHY the fanboys do what they do?
  9. TXnorton

    TXnorton New Member

    Leave my pink bunny shoes out of this!
  10. hillbilly68

    hillbilly68 New Member

    Darin this is an irritation in my life. I agree. I strain my eyes from excessive rolling on a daily basis when I hear guys ask "hey what was xxxx using?" If its out curiosity...meh.. OK. But usually they will run out and buy or order the exact copy of whatever it was whether it works or not. Not because it was the best thing for them, but because it was on a poster, in a video, on tv etc. Fat guys in multicam everything making gun videos on youboob....hated it. Jumping from a glock to a M&P because they saw it in a gun video. It's whatever the last thing they saw on SWAT tv (cool show BTW). Marketing genius, great for the gear sellers. Goes hand in hand with the whole "running" word that I hate. "I run a surefire and EoTech on my AR, and run a glock with a frito bandito small of the crotch rig". Stop the madness. I guess it really doesnt matter, no impact on me. There is usually an inverse between the amount and newness of gear on a guy at the range and his ability to fight the gun.
  11. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    It's just me, I have to have one of everything. I'm the biggest flaming fan of all. He who dies with the most toys win etc,etc,etc. Why do you ask Grasshopper?

    IGETEVEN New Member

    In most instances, Military and LEO's do not have a choice of their service weapons. They get what is issued to them. They adapt to their use and hopefully become proficient with that firearm, for duty and personal protection. Most people tend to believe what's good for our soldiers and LEO's use is proven, and most likely will be reliable firearms for them. Peer pressure is very much alive, no matter your age.

    Choosing the right firearm for yourself that fits your hand right, that is comfortable, reliable and natural, is like finding the right pair of comfortable shoes to wear, the brand does not matter, they just got to fit and satisfy you.

    BTW, side bar here, the only people who have ever had a personal preference to use something different, along with their issued weapons in the military are S.O.F.

    And that's the truth...............


  13. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I don't know about others but I base my opinions solely on my experience with them (items in question)-both from personal use and from a gunsmithing viewpoint. What has worked well for me in the past and what's the weak points of a particular firearm/scope/etc. What have I had to repair on a regular basis.
  14. deth502

    deth502 New Member

    while i agree that using that as the sole basis for choosing one item over another is ludicrous, they are not chosen solely for the fact that they are the cheapest. they still need to pass certain criteria to be accepted.

    given the fact that they passed certain criteria, AND did it cheapest, CAN mean that the certain item is i good value. as such, i wouldnt discount someones choice of an item based on those criteria.

    i, otoh, prefer to think for myself, but you have to realize that the majority of the population is not capable of doing that any more. remember, they did elect obama. and its not nice to make fun of retards.
  15. Benning Boy

    Benning Boy New Member

    I'm a Benning Fanboy. I like what works for Benning.

    Benning has considerations on what makes the cut.

    1) Benning has a budget. What he buys has to be of reasonable quality for the price, exhibit some large degree of durability, and be inexpensive to feed.

    2) Benning is a big boy. And his hands are freaky large. It doesn't matter how badazz the flavor of the month is, if I can't hold it right, I can't hit with it.

    3) Benning has terrain issues. I live in hilly land with much brush. I move about in urban settings. 400 meters is neither a need nor desirable here. There are no mountain to mountain shots where I operate. So while the AR is great if you have the space to exploit it's capabilities, I do fine with the AK at 200 meters, cuz that's the extent of my shot, and it fits the other two categories.

    I think we've all seen a movie where the cool guy had a cool gun, and on some level wanted it. They're just movies. I think because the rest of the world touts a Glock as the ultimate makes you stand out as a maverick when you go with something else.
  16. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Seconded! :mad:

  17. DarinCraft

    DarinCraft New Member

    That's it Benning. You buy something that is what you want/afford.

    I do realize that agencies have certain criterion that must be fullfilled. Otherwise, everyone would carry hi points(not bashing them. I just know they are cheap money wise).

    The only reason I wrote this is someone blasted a supporting member on another thread as to why something is better than another. His justification?

    This guy laid into a supporting member with no provocation and his reason? Because the military uses it. That is moronic and it's not the first time I've seen this type of argument. So this thread was more for the guy who posted the above reply. This thread was not meant to insult or upset anyone else around here. But it hit me wrong when some guy just blasts another member and their argument is idiotic. Sorry I should have included this in the OP.
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  18. WDB

    WDB New Member

    I don't know you but expect you may of not spent any time in the military. I have and while the firearms provided were not my personal choice they are some of the best mass produced firearms available, understand the firearm have to be mass produced due to the numer of men and women that carry them in the military. With that being said doesn't it seem reasonable that a novice gun owner might look to what the military or LEO is using to defend themselves? Honestly if it works well in are war zone or for a LEO to carry isn't it more than enough for regular guy? Field tested by military or LEO seems like a reasonable qualifier to me.

    I hear stories police departments buy the cheapest gun they can but that isn't true otherwise all police departments would carry hipoints or something like it. Police departments might not buy the high end but in most cases buy a firearm that is proven to preform above civilian use. The military standard are even higher.

    Tell me if I am wrong

    The rem 700 was part of what prompted this? Freaking hard to argue it's credits IMHO
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  19. DarinCraft

    DarinCraft New Member

    I agree. No I was not in the military, but yes I am retired LE. I did address your statement pretty much word for word in the post just above yours. I agree that people do look to LE and military in some ways to make their decisions, however like I said in the post above yours this thread was actually started because a member called out a supporting member and blasted him over some statements he made. When it came time for him to justify his statements, he recited that the 870 was good enough for the military and therefore was automatically better than the Benelli. That is the fan boy crap I was referring to.

    I understand that we do not make a decision on a new piece of equipement solely on price, however that is how a lot of the field is narrowed down. I was on one of the cadre's that choose the new stocks for our 870's and even though we all wanted the Mesa Tactical stock we ended up with a cheaper off brand. Why because the upstairs told us that it appeared to be the same as the Mesa and was cheaper. So I do have experience with why some decisions are made the way they are. The same thing happened when we got the Glocks. I was not vocal, because I did not know anything at the time, but there was a majority that wanted a Sig. We ended up with Glock for the same reasons.

    I am not in anyway saying that people who look to LE or Military for guidance are idiotic, I was only pointing out that people who will start an argument and will only use this as their major point with no original thoughts.
  20. user4

    user4 New Member

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