Got a nanovault 300 for my car.

Discussion in 'Gun Safes' started by orangello, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I picked up a nanovault 300 over the weekend to make my use of the MS car carry more safe and secure by allowing me to secure my firearm when i go into a store or restaurant. In MS, you are legal to have a firearm in your car, concealed in part or in whole, without a permit.

    I actually picked up three, one for my nephew, one for his new bride, and one for me, ya know for testing purposes. ;)

    This thing may not be impenetrable or attached to the car's engine by anchor chain from the Titanic, but it does have a hefty cable for attaching to a secure seat base or similarly difficult to remove car part. It also does not look like a pistol or anything valuable. If flipped over under the seat, the texturized black exterior looks like a number of standard automotive finishes, maybe like a seat motor or something. It is not big; it will hold an XD45 with the 5" barrel and one spare magazine. My nephew has a 4" .357 revolver; his little wife put a Ruger 9mm in hers. There was not much room for spare magazines plural, but one or a speedloader would fit.

    I like the product very much so far. My only complaint would be the relatively "cheap" feel of the combination wheels and "unlock" knob.

    Anybody with a BIG set of bolt cutters and some time could get this thing out of the car and open it later with a crowbar and hammer, but it narrows the risk down to a smaller group of more prepared thieves.
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    I like it...

    Think ZG was looking for something like this.


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    Orangello, Just don't get a false sense of security with that lockbox. I don't like leaving unsecured guns anywhere and even with the minimal security these type boxes provide, I feel is better than nothing.

    I did find this the other day and when I asked if he tried to cut the cable he said he didn't have the cable so he wasn't sure. Also said he thought his screwdriver method was probably quicker. Maybe his was a defect, but there's not much of a weld on his latch. I thought the outer shell would bend very easily when pried, but looks like the latch failed before the shell deflected. Out of curiousity, I looked around the garage and the cable on my garage doors seem to be about the same size without the vinyl coating. I was able to cut it with a standard pair of channellock dykes. In all fairness it did take both hands to have enough power to squeeze through.

    I still think they are better than nothing since you never know on a smash and grab. If he has no tools you are probably good to go. If he has a small screwdriver of a pair of dykes, all bets off.

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    Honestly, the biggest impression it has made on me is the "camoflage" aspect of the little case; it is much less "gun-like" than just my XD45 in a cheapo holster with a spare mag.
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    I've had one for years. It is a much better choice than stuffing the gun under the seat or leaving it in the glove box. Useless if you don't retrieve the weapon when returning to the vehicle..