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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by rjgnwdc, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. rjgnwdc

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    Wow I can't believe it S&W contacted me today to inform me they are going to replace my 629-6, I had posted here about the firing pin breaking twice in the first month I owned it and how disappointed I was with the quality. The second time I sent it back I mailed a letter to the customer service department and included a copy in the gun case that I sent to repair it took a little over a week to get this letter and they apologized for taking so long to contacted me. Well I am impressed now, I have always thought they should replace it but didn't think they would they are a huge company and I'm just one customer of millions they have, well they just got a customer for life.:cool:
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    Good to hear. Great customer service makes for great business and they know it.

  3. HKSlinger

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    I called S&W about getting one of the two side plate screws that someone had buggered up on my 28-2. Not only did they not charge me, but sent both screws. GREAT SERVICE! Glad to hear your back in the saddle again
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    I sent them my model 19-4 and if they try to replace it I'm going to be upset.

    I'm glad to hear they're taking care of you. Good customer service is rare these days.
  5. rjgnwdc

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    Great Service

    Wow I got the follow up call they needed my FFL dealer info and told me I'd get it by Friday.... Holy Smokes "These Guys are Good" well I've been looking at the Model 627 I believe that'll be my next S&W. It is hard to find good service and when I do I stick with them, in my job I deal with printers all across the country and the ones that get most of my business are the one with great customer service they might not have the low ball price but they got great service thats what keeps me coming back.
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    I've found S&W customer service to be phenomenal. Great company and proud that they are my neighbor.
  7. rjgnwdc

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    a follow up

    Well S&W made good on there warranty got the replacement Thursday took it to the range yesterday and for the first time I walked out of the range with my 629 still working I ran a box of 240 gr SJSP cartridges through her and the firing pin held up. I think I have a winner this time. This one has a different grip on it it's real comfortable in my hand but I had bought a Pachmayr Decelerator while it was at S&W service and when I got the replacement I went ahead and put it on and that's what I used at the range yesterday... gotta say I didn't like it at all for one it didn't fit real tight and when I tighten up the screw the end came through the other side so I backed it out till it was flush and that isn't tight enough so I have put the one that came with it back on here is a link that shows the different grips the original one on the first pistol the Pachmayr and the replacement check them out.
    Different Grips pictures by rjgnwdc - Photobucket
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    I've owed/owned several S&W, the only issue I had was with the second M&P 45 I bought. It came with three mags and one simply didn't function right. When I called them and explained the situation they sent me a new mag at no cost. I took the mag apart and didn't see any issues, put it back togeter and it worked fine. I contacted S&W and told them what I did and the mag was working fine. The response was "good to hear now you have an extra mag. Please mark it as a range mag incase the issue continues".
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    As a hard core S&W fan, I love to read these reports. Back in the '80's, they did not do nearly as well.