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Buddy who works at Wally called said they had 3 come in for 1197. So I ran right out and bought one.

First the finish is not all that spiffy, and if you touch on the factory trigger it will take 5 minutes of scrubbing to wash the suck off your finger. Also the factory stock wobbles on the tube.

Now the good side, It comes with risers to help mount the scope, it works like a champ and is probably a sub MOA 16 inch carbine. Brownells supplied a Wilson Combat TTUM2 and the trigger is too good. Stuck a Fullfield 3x9 on for now. Right now the biggest problem is I need practice, out of 3 shots I manage to pull one. Out of 5 I'll pull two. Shooting Federal Fusion 165gr. The rounds that aren't called flyers are runing about 3/4".

I would buy this rifle again in a minute, as soon as my piggybank recovers I will get a good offset mount and a different scope. Then hopefully will be able to select the right stock.
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