google Dept of Justice homepage.

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    search there for the ANNUAL CRIME SURVEY and also for the fbi's UNIFORM CRIME REPORT. Read the Nra's monthly column, the ARMED CITIZEN . most attacks are not made with a gun, often, your gun stops an attack without even being fired, much less obtaining any hits. also read Jim Cirillo's book on gunfighting. his NYPD stakeout unit stopped 280 armed robberies, all in harlem, in 1968, and only 40 of those guys, despite being cornered, caught in the act and going away for 20+ years, made the cops fire. If you leave the guy an out, and get your gun 'on" him in time for him to stop and flee, the odds are about 10 to 1 that you won't have to fire at all. also, about half of the ones who make you fire will flee when you MISS them. this is a fact.
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