Google Chrome Redux

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by cpttango30, Apr 1, 2009.

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    The first time around I thought this was a good browser. Then it kept making my hard drive run like crazy. I uninstalled it left my comments with google on why I uninstalled chrome.

    Fast forward to Monday 3-30-09 I was reading ZD Net when I seen an article about a contest that was ran and had hackers trying to crack the 4 major browsers. Internet explorer lasted aprox 30 to 35 seconds before being hacked, Mac’s Safari lasted slightly longer with something like 40 sec. Firefox lasted the longest coming in about 1 minute. That is until Chrome hit the stage. No one successfully hacked chrome. A few said they had a hack in mine but did not have time to do it. Chrome fended off black hat hackers (Bad guys) better then any other browser tested. Not sure whey they didn’t have Opera in there was well as it is a very good and fast.

    I downloaded Chrome and have been testing it at work and at home. It is my new favorite browser offering much over IE. It has a bult in download manager like firefox and unlike ie. It is more secure than both ie and firefox. It has a easy smooth classy design. It has one address bar no need for tool bars or any of that junk taking up space on your web browsing area. It is the fastest browser of the 4 browsers talked about here. I have networking tools the use a web browser for access they run faster and better on chrome than ie or firefox. The hard drive issue is fixed now so no worries there.

    Here you can see the main interface if chrome it is sleek simple and well laid out. It will take some getting used to but it goes fast. The only draw back to Chrome right now and for 99% of the people out there is that there is not mac version yet. But it is on the way. If I were you I would try it. It never hurts to have more security, and any browser has more security than IE.

    Over all I would rate this browser a 4 out of 5 bullets. I think you should download it and try it.
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    Yup, I use it. I've had it downloaded for about three months now. It is very basic and it's not as fast as some others but as soon as I switched from IE to Chrome i've had no issues.