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  1. bizy

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    I just reloaded 5 20ga 2.5" cases with #2 shot and sealed the end with candle wax. I haven't test fired them yet. The reason I did is to see if they stayed in a bunch until reaching the target. I will be using a phone book to check the spread pattern. I know it is stupid, but I did it any way. Could I get your input? Have any of you tried this? :rolleyes:
  2. stalkingbear

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    I'm pretty sure the forces upon firing will overcome the fragile bond the candle wax has on the shot charge. I'd guess if you fire them at any kind of distance (over 15 yards) they'll perform just like any other shotshell.

  3. BigO01

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    Never reloaded shotshells so no I never tried it and quite frankly I don't understand what you honestly think you'll gain over traditional methods of having tight patterens .

    If you wanted a massive projectile that has maximum damage potential at close range you need one solid projectile , so use slugs and if you just want a pattern with minimal spread just use a shot gun with one of the easily available Extrafull Turkey chokes installed .

    About the only thing I think you will succeed in doing firing those rounds you've made is a small mess of wax inside the barrel of your gun . Hope it doesn't get into the action and gum things up to the point you need to detrail strip your shotgun if using a pump or autoloader .
  4. DrumJunkie

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    I wouldn't think that the wax will hold them together any different. But I am interested in the result. Please post your findings.
  5. skullcrusher

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    I imagine that if there was any kind of benefit of wax sealed loads, ammo mfrs would be doing it already. Also, I think there is a great possibility of wax getting inside your barrel and staying there. If done consistently, this might cause a bit of overheating. Of course, I am just guessing.
  6. cpttango30

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    I don't think your going to see a performance gain. I doubt you will see any performance at all seeing as the wax will not give the resistance as the folded casing. I would put it in a lead sled and tie a string to the trigger and hide behind a big *** tree.
  7. bizy

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    Reloading with candle wax

    The only plus to using candle wax to seal the end of a case is, It alows you to add a few extra pellets to the load and alows a partial crimping that makes a tapered end.

    Oh, well, I was just curious... I'm one of those people that have to hit my thumb with a hammer to know it hurts...

    Thanks for the response.
  8. robocop10mm

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    Wax is a poor choice for a sealant. On one hand it will run in or off when hot. On the other hand it will get brittle and break off when cold. I use a small glob of clear silicone sealer (mashed in with a finger tip) to keep the buffer in place on my buckshot loads.

    In my younger years I experimented with a variety of things in shot shells, none of which I would try today.
  9. Jo da Plumbr

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    Never heard of this. Wouldn't the wax build up in the barrel after awhile?
  10. Fuzzball

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    Given the softness of the hardest wax, the hardness of the lightest shot colume and the speed of it's travel, I doubt the wax will build up very much.
  11. bizy

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    I think I will try that silicone.. Thanks..
    In the past when using 7.5 or #8 shot some of it would fall out, I was concerned about a jam. Great idea..
  12. c3shooter

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    Goofy questions get a Goofy response


    I would be more concerned about using something likely to become a BORE OBSTRUCTION if it does not clear the barrel. Note how THIN the walls of a shotgun barrel are? There is a LOT of chaos taking place a few millimeters from your left hand, ya know.