Goodbye to Navy Arms Percussion Revolvers

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    I don’t know whether anyone else has noticed but lately there have been many very collectable percussion revolvers on the auction sights. This is probably because of the current “recession”. There are several NIB Navy Arms which is no longer in the percussion revolver business. These are most definitely destined to become collectable because there are more than one market for these guns; the shooters, the Navy Arms collectors, and the percussion revolver collectors. There are many Navy Arms productions that are already valuable.

    In reviewing the early Navy Arms productions I have been reminded of some of the very rare varieties they have offered for sale. There are some of these that in fifteen years of research I have never seen.

    1. Paterson revolvers with 6” and 12” barrels made by Uberti without loading lever
    2. 1860 Army Target Model with full length rib on top of barrel
    3. 1861 Navy Target Model with full length rib on top of barrel
    4. Engraved models – Navy Arms has offered a few of their revolvers with “A”, “B”, & “C” level of engraving. RPRCA has only one of these with “B” engraving on a Remington New Model Army.

    If you have or seen any of these please post or contact me direct.
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    Need info Rem 1858 Engraved Cased Set

    I know this is an old post I'm replying to but in searching for information on the Navy Arms Rem 1858 cased set this post popped up. I purchased this set this past weekend and can find little to no information on the net so far. I did find the RPRCA site and a photo of this set

    The revolver, case & case lining are identical but contents of my set differ slightly. Instead of nipple wrench I have molded bullets and instead of the can of what I would assume is percussion caps or grease I have two keys.

    Is there a particular website or book that would detail things such as date of manufacture, number of sets produced, etc? I would appreciate any help with information or direction to research.
    Thanks Much,

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    bprevolver, Do you have any in you collection for sale? Looking for a fair priced