good thing there wasnt a gun involved

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Soliferrum, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Soliferrum

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    That husband could have hurt more people trying to save his family if he had a gun. He did exactly what he should have done in the first place, call the police.

    thats what i imagine what a gun nazi would say about that situation. i do my best to think like my enemy, to see it from the other side you know?, but holy christ its hard to be that miop-myopik-my-stupid.
  2. aandabooks

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    Yeah, not having a gun to save your families life must have been the right decision. Just think about all of the money he would have cheated the taxpayers out of getting to spend on the two trials and the years of imprisonment to come.

  3. jjfuller1

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    The state's last execution in 2005 was the first since 1960, and Komisarjevsky and Hayes will likely spend years, if not decades, in prison.

    this is where america is wrong.... he got the death penalty. why spend the money to keep him around. one month in jail then boom... save the taxpayers some green
  4. Soliferrum

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    i was thinking more along the lines of instant gratification. waiting for years, spending thousands for legal fees, hoping you get 12 common sense people, who have to believe you, to send someone you watched with your own eyes destroy your world.

    or give your statement of self defense while dudes in white jumpsuits clean whats left of them off the floor with wet towels.

    ive read this article in 4 different places, there was no mention of a gun anywhere, i forget is Connecticut yay or nay with guns?
  5. trip286

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    Take them out behind the courthouse and string them up.

    Or even in front if the courthouse, make it public.
  6. Tackleberry1

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    While I appreciate the common sence of this thread, exploiting tragedy is the territory and MO of our political enemies. Every time there a mass shooting those who apose gun rights are pontificating before the corpses have reached room temp.

    Using this families suffering to say "told ya" is IMHO bad form and will not serve to change minds.

  7. griffin81

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    Wow. I don't see how he could be calm in court wit the men who killed his wife and daughters. That's one strong man. I wouldn't be able to do it. I think those 2 men should be beaten and set on fire like the family they destroyed! it not right to knock them out and stop there heart with a shot that's just to nice of our legal system. Better yet the husband should pick how to end those men's life's an when. They got to pick how to take his family from him. That being said I hope the husband does find some comfort in knowing the these two men will never walk free again.
    To bad this story wasn't on of those where the intruders were shot by the husband protecting his family and home.

    play the victim, be the victim
  8. Rick1967

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    I am with you Tack.