good shtf load??

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  1. kryptar19

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    I have a stag arms model 1, a mossberg 500a, and a 10/22 for my go to shtf guns.

    I live in a "bug in" location so I will not be carrying more than one weapon at a time, that is why I picked these three. I also have a fair ammount of ammo stocked up. Though its less than half as much as I want for each weapon.

    What do you guys think?
  2. HockaLouis

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    I think it doesn't get much better than that.
    Find ammo on sale. But don't get carried away.
    Bricks of .22 are 500 at a time. Get quality over quantity -- none of that cheap 36 grain milk-box crud from WalMart.
    Rifle ammo on hand per poll typically runs from many, many hundreds of rounds to a coupla thousand on hand.
    Shotgun shells, a few hundred (SHTF? yoiu won't find these on sale but they are superior: #0 Buckshot, MAYBE #1 Buck).
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  3. dmp

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    I'm on the fence with regard to quantity over quality. Both have their place. Having a lot of russian (brown/golden bear?) .223/5.56 is good to send volumes downrange. It's loud, and while not accurate in my weapon, it serves a purpose. I have a mix of stuff that fires very well and stuff that fires, uh, well...just fires.

    I think the key on ammo stockpiling is: 10,000 rounds is 5,000 rounds, and 5,000 rounds is 0 rounds. Just assume things get bad for YEARS. I want all the ammo I can get. Ten rounds per day, per gun might be a decent guide.