good ranges in illinois? and my bad experience a mega sports

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    ok so first let me tell you what happened at mega sports. I went in there today to buy an air rifle(my aunts boyfriend went with me) and we were kicked out. He is 21 and i am 14 i dont see a problem but apparently they do. they told me you need to be over 18 with a parent or legal guardian. Now i see a reason for that but really? im with someone that has a foid card and is supervising me and they still say i need to leave. they lost my business i went somewhere else and spent 250$ on 2 air rifles and a scope. i will never shop there again and they say you must be 21 to shoot at a pistol range even though under Illinois state law i am allowed to shoot pistols at a range under supervision i am just not allowed to own/posses one besides while shooting training and practicing etc.

    I recommend nobody shops there due to there awful service.

    Now i was wondering if anyone knows of any good shooting ranges no more than an 1 1/2 hours from the plainfield area? thanks btw i already know of gat guns
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    I would not be too hard on Mega Sports in your particular case. Illinois has some tight laws and risking the business for your sale is not a good idea. look at it from their point. You are 14 and he is 21 and not a relative and certainly not old enough to be your legal guardian. If you read the sign on the door it states nobody under 18 is allowed in without a parent or legal guardian, your aunts 21 year old boy friend is neither. Now I was not there and have no idea how you were talked to, but I do know that if I were in their shoes I would consider you both kids (I know 21 is a legal adult but it's still pretty much a kid in most cases).