Good price on a new browning x-bolt???

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    I need a new rifle and came across this deal this morning. What do you guys think?

    GUNS: Browning X-Bolt Carbon Fiber Stalker $875 Shipped with Free $150 Browning Jacket MIR from

    I saw this deal this morning and couldn't resist going in for one for my son for Christmas. has the new Browning X-Bolt Carbon Fiber Stalker in various calibers priced at $875 shipped. This rifle retails for $1389 and the only other online store I was able to find these at were priced at $1200+. Also included in this deal is a free branded Browning jacket via MIR which will also go to my boy. But it's so nice I may take it for myself.

    The calibers in stock are:

    243 Winchester []
    7mm-08 []
    308 Winchester []
    300 WSM []
    223 Remington []
    22-250 []