Good price for 9mm ammo?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by RTMiller, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. RTMiller

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    What do you pay for 9mm ammo? Walmart has 100 rounds of Winchester 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ for $23.97 - or 24 cents per round. That's pretty good right?
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  2. mcramer

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    if you buy federal you can get a box of 50 for 9.99$
    thats the cheapest i've found.

  3. Mack Bolan

    Mack Bolan New Member

    never seen it around here that low(@ $.20/rnd) but I think anything under $0.25 a round is pretty decent.

    then again i've only been shopping ammo for less than a year and not conditioned by the lower costs prior to 2008 and/or even 1992:eek:
  4. FlyingDesertEagle

    FlyingDesertEagle New Member

    RMAMMO has reloads for $190-195 per thousand (delivered)

    In all honesty, I'd rather shoot factory spec reloads than steel case (wolf / brown bear) stuff that runs around the same price (maybe $10 less) delivered.
  5. KalashnikovJosh

    KalashnikovJosh New Member

    What do you want the ammo for?

    If your looking for plinking ammo- Winchester Econo-box,or whatever you can find locally without paying for shipping is going to be the least expensive.

    Shipping rates are getting pretty outrageous.Buy locally if at all possible.

    One thing to remember about 9x19 is the difference between SAAMI,NATO and CIP specs.
    SAAMI spec is American and is 'downloaded' in 9x19,from what I've heard because of liability issues from all the war trophy Lugers and stuff that cant handle the hotter 'modern' 9.This is hearsay of course,but sounds reasonable.
    SAAMI spec +p or +p+ is loaded hotter.
    CIP spec is European spec stuff.Its generally hotter and doesnt have the '+p,+p+' designations.
    I dont know exactly what NATO spec is or how they determine its exact specifications,but its supposedly hotter than SAMMI,close to,the same as,and sometimes hotter than CIP spec.

    Usually,when your buying commercial boxed ammo,its gonna be either SAAMI or CIP spec,and NATO stuff is military surplus,but sometimes you can find it boxed like everything else.

    One thing I've noticed,when your buying ammo thats for more than just plinking- is how expensive the SAAMI +p and +p+ stuff is compared to the CIP stuff,when the +p and +p+ stuff really isnt any hotter than the CIP ammo.
    Some of the American 9 para loadings are actually pretty ridiculously expensive.

    For example,heres some current sales as of today(all of this ammo appears to be "in stock" as of today)-

    This is one of -if not the- best American loads,its the 'reincarnation' of the 'evil black talons' from the 1990's.Winchester even refuses to put any on the market because of the media fiasco the Brady Bunch whipped up over the original talons.I believe it was even made a very loud point in the media that when they caught Tim McVeigh,his weapon was stoked with the 'evil black talons'.You can legally buy and own them,but Winchester itself wont sell them to you unless your a cop. Its going to be about 35 bucks a box + shipping,so your looking at maybe around 42 bucks for one box of 50 rounds mail order,unless you can find them locally or you order more than one box-

    Ammunition To Go : 50rds - 9mm Winchester Ranger Talon 127gr. +P+ HP Ammo [RA9TA] - $34.95

    But I believe this next load is just as good,and its less expensive.It is from Fiocchi's "extrema" line,its loaded CIP hot with an American projectile,124grain Hornady XTP at 1290fps.Its going for 23.99 a box of 50,and with shipping you might be looking at 30 dollars a box-

    Fiocchi Extrema Ammunition 9mm Luger 124 Grain Hornady XTP Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 50 - MidwayUSA

    You could do much worse price wise than either of the two above,in fact you could get downright ripped off in my opinion-you could pay 20 dollars + freight = maybe 30 dollars for a box of 20 of these-

    Ammunition To Go : 20rds - 9mm Corbon 125gr. +P Hollow Point Ammo [SD09125/20] - $19.95

    Personally,I'm a tightwad and stick with these.They arent JHP's,but truncated cone ball,which has a better terminal effect than round ball.I like them,they're 124 grain and CIP spec,and they're about 20 bucks a box of 50 shipped.-

    Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Ammunition 9mm Luger 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone Box of 50 - MidwayUSA
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  6. ktmboyz

    ktmboyz New Member

    Cabelas near me has Herters ( wolf ammo in an orange box ) for $9 a box... that's the cheapest I have seen in a while
  7. Missileman

    Missileman New Member

    Walmart carries Federal Champion 9mm for $9.47 a box when they can get it--I can ususally find it here in Omaha if I check several stores.
  8. mcramer

    mcramer New Member

    told ya :D
    i dont think the walmart in my town carries it, but the walmart in the town where my range is has it and i buy it regularly.