Good Luck to the Chicago people!

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    CNN mentioned the Supreme Court will be hearing a case that MAY result in some of Chicago's anti-handgun "laws" being eliminated. You peeps in Chicago have my best wishes on getting some rights back.

    Supreme Court to address limits of gun control -
    There may be just a bit of a slant to the article. :rolleyes:

    "A study last year by economist Carl Moody of William & Mary College found that after the ban was imposed, city crime rates rose significantly, almost immediately. The city is more dangerous now than it was before the ban, the study concluded, relative to the 24 largest American cities." I liked this bit from the article.
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    here, here..

    It never did make sense to me why people would want to ban guns in an area that has gun voilence. Obviously keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals, and hoodlums isn't working so why disarm the law abidding citizens..........Never will understand.

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    I was listening to the radio on the way back to the office, and wgn was saying first indications are the supreme court ruling will be in favor of McDonald and thusly overturning any local legislations.....

    i'm still afraid to get my hopes up, but i will indeed make the celebratory purchase should they lift the local restrictions....
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    Oh No! Looks like Chicago will change from the pristine, crime-free city that it is, to a corrupt shooting spree once the people buy LEGAL REGISTERED GUNS!:eek:
    :rolleyes: Thats just bass ackward. Hopefully they fix it.
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    King Richard (Daley) will be rolling over in his grave if this get overturned. Much of his work to enslave the people of Chicago will be undone at the stroke of a pen!

    Good luck from a former Will County resident.
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    Look at us in the UK 100% worse off since the firearms ban
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    I'm talking about moving to Round Lake Beach, IL and won't go without a gun. SO I really hope this ban is lifted
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    Carl Moody is absolutely brilliant. I'm fortunate enough to have him as a professor. He went through John Lott's research and models after he published and fixed all of his screw ups, strengthening the argument for concealed carry laws.
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    The way I was taught (or at least understand it) about the checks and balances, legislative branch makes the laws, judicial branch rules whether the laws or constitutional or not, and the executive branch enforces the laws/rulings.

    Saying that to say this, even if the Supreme Court rules that Chicago's gun ban is unconstitutional, the leaders of Chicago have to enforce that ruling. With the "leaders" in D.C. being as anti firearms as they are, it may be hard to get any weight behind the ruling if it's favorable for the citizens of Chicago (and the rest of the country).

    Someone feel free to correct me where I might be a little wrong.
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    By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer Mark Sherman, Associated Press Writer – 44 mins ago

    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court suggested Tuesday it will strike down U.S. cities' outright bans on handguns, a ruling that could establish a nationwide ownership right fervently sought by gun advocates. But the justices indicated less severe limits could survive, continuing disputes over the "right to keep and bear arms."

    Anyone looking for a link to the article can see it here

    Justices may extend gun owner rights nationwide - Yahoo! News
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    The Supreme Court is widely expected to incorporate the Second Amendment and strike down Chicago's gun ban. The real questions are how will the court choose to do so and what restrictions (future gun control) is permissible under the Bill of Rights.

    You can find a good analysis here:

    SCOTUSblog Analysis: 2d Amendment extension likely

    The court's decision will probably be announced in June of 2010.

    For MoHawk: Round Lake Beach, IL is not covered by the Chicago gun ban. You can own virtually any gun you want in Route Lake Beach, including scary looking "assault weapons". The only thing you might miss is CCW (assuming your current state has it). We here in Illinois are working VERY HARD to change that, however.