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Hard go go wrong with a Milt Sparks VM-2. They wait time is pretty long but it you want the best that's something you're going to do. They recently added another worker and moved into a new shop so they are getting better at reducing the wait times. I ordered one for my Kimber Pro CDP II. I placed my order mid-January and it's shipping tomorrow. Only about 11 weeks. They were predicting 16-20 weeks when I placed the order. Now they're quoting 20-24 weeks but they have also lifted their monthly order placement quota. They used to only take in so many orders and then they would quit taking orders that month. You would have to figure out which day they would take new orders and then you would have to sit there and keep dialing hoping that you would get thru. Kinda like trying to win tickets for being the 7th caller to a radio station. Since they lifted the quota cutoff it looks like they are losing ground of the wait time. But because they are taking in many more orders than what they normally do it has pushed put the wait time even though they are putting out more per month now.
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