Good Guys: 1 Dirty Politics: 0

Discussion in 'New York Gun Forum' started by jeepboy4life, Aug 6, 2013.

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    I was a bit harsh on this guy when his situation was "reported", the papers made him out to be a nimrod. Thats what happens when I read and listen to the "Free Press", Note to self, dont listen to the "free press". The DA in this case was a smart person, if this had gone to trial, neither he nor his LEO's would have gotten any citizen support and likely, he would have lost his next election.

    This illuminates the deep division the real state of NY and NYC and crapitol district are experiencing. I dont see many DA upstate lending much support to the "Safe Act", 90% of NY Counties spoke loud and clear, we dont want it and wont accept it. The sheep in NYC may feed off Albanizer Scrooges words but thats because they dont know WTF they are talking about either when it comes to Firearms and our rights.

    I see NYC as a self imposed prison where the occupants demand safety via the guards and laws. Just like any other prison, that safety cant be guaranteed by law because you cant watch and protect everyone when the percentage of watchers is so much lower than the possible crooks and thugs! Upstaters know that if your gonna survive, you must be prepared. Calling 911, waiting 15 minutes to an hour for help is a ridiculous plan to thwart a crime when most likely, the damage will be done before you even dial the Helpline Number!

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    Well said, Webley.

    Good for the DA. Excellent decision.

    As a resident of Kalifornia, I feel for you guys across the country.
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    I recind my previous statements regarding the man who was the subject of this video. Like WF38, my information was based on what was reported by the press, with their agenda serving spin on this case.

    I hope that more of our elected officials will make the right choice, as did the DA in this case.

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    Thanks for sharing this video. A ray of hope for an oppressed population.