Good Guys: 1 Bad Guys:0

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    Hello all, long time no see!

    Well as I have said before I work 3rd shift security here in town and boy what a night this was! Hopefully this story will raise some awareness for some.

    I was making my rounds outside in our patrol vehicle when a gentlemen pulls up near me and jumps from his car. I noticed instantly the Glock (turned out to be a 23) on his hip, and he was shaking like a leaf.

    Once he disarmed he asked me to call the local PD. This of course begged the question: why?

    He explained that not a quarter mile away he was hit in the *** end at the exit to a apartment complex by a small car with what sounded to be no exhaust system at all. He was preparing to get out of his own vehicle when the driver of the car that hit him ran up to the driver side window and started yelling at him. In the mean time he heard a noise to his right and when he looked there was another male attempting to enter the passenger side of his car.

    He threw the car into drive and attempted to take off before the second male could get in the car all the way; he failed. The male now inside his car begins yelling at him to take him to such-and-such street corner (about 4 miles from their location at that moment). He refused, pulled into a empty Taco Bell parking lot and as he did the passenger bailed from the vehicle.

    Said passenger then proceeded to produce a semi-automatic handgun. The driver then produced his own Glock 23 and leveled it off at the passenger. Said passenger then fled the scene.

    The entire time he was telling me this story I just kept thinking, "Yes! Good guys win again!"

    This is the story as told to me within minutes of the incident. As I am typing this it has been about an hour from the time of the event. There has been no word as to whether or not the suspect has been caught.

    The moral of the story? Be prepared! Be aware of your surroundings! Lock your doors when you get in your car! And perhaps my favorite lesson, there is certainly one sure fire way to turn a armed robbery into a attempted armed robbery!

    Thanks for your time.
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    Holy Heck!

    I am happy the guy turned out ok. That's a crazy nerve racking experience.
    I have actually heard of this "style" of car-jacking before. Someone hits the back
    of your car and then when sorting out the accident the second member of the rear
    car either steals the victim's car or car-jacks the victim.

    Again, Glad he turned out alright.
    Try to keep us posted if they get the BGs.