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  1. XnightshadowX

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    Hello im new to all this about guns and basically I wanted to know what gun would be best to conceal, but that also would have some good stopping power. Any opinion would help thanks.
  2. Jay

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    Welcome to the forum...

    Stop by a local gun shop, and find out about any local firearms instructors, and/or ranges. Professional training, at least in the basics, (SAFETY) will be well worth your money.

    Stopping power comes after hitting your target. Hitting your target, comes after becoming proficient with your handgun. Proficiency comes after practice. Practice comes after selecting a handgun that is comfortable in YOUR hands. Just because it's "great" for someone else, doesn't mean it will be "great" for you. Shop for a handgun like you do for shoes.... TRY 'EM ON... handle as many as you can... THEN start a list of possibles. If you can, rent, or shoot one that you're interested in before you buy. Start out with buying a used .22 to develop fundamentals, THEN move up in caliber. Do NOT get wrapped up in the caliber wars. Caliber doesn't count until your bullet hits your point of aim. A hit with a .22 beats a miss with a .45. Remember there is a trade-off with handguns... longer barrel, larger weapon, more weight... translates to less perceived recoil. Small weapon, short barrel, light weight... translates to more perceived recoil.

    Shopping is good... have fun....

    Be safe....
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  3. TimKS

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    What Jay said...........

    I'd like to carry my 12 guage shotgun with 00 buck, but it's a bit hard to the compromising begins. :D
  4. utf59

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    If you're going to carry concealed, you're more than likely going to have to have some training anyway. Check your state laws. If you don't have a shooting background, you might as well get some general firearms training while you're at it.

    Stopping power comes from hitting something the bad guy can't do without (CNS — central nervous system — hits), loss of blood, especially from vital organs (could take a while) or psychological stoppage (some bad guys run away when shot or shot at; some actually fall down when they are shot because they are convinced that when you get shot, you fall down).

    As far as a gun that's easy to conceal, that depends on you. How big are you? How do you dress? Are you willing to "dress around the gun"? Are you willing to carry the weight? Are you willing to spend the money for a good belt and a good holster?

    Personally, I'm 6'2", 230 lbs., so I can conceal a full-size gun. I shop for guns I can shoot well, then I dress around the gun.

    When you get a chance, stop by the Introductions section and tell us a little more about yourself.
  5. XnightshadowX

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    Great information from all of you thanks, but jst to narrow stuff down a bit so I won't have to choose from a wide variety of guns.
    I'm 5'11" weight 165 and the reason I want a concealed gun is when I run what gun would be comfortable for this situation. Working on getting my concealed license from Texas
  6. Firearms4ever

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    I recommend you go to some local gunshops to look at their inventory, see what feels the best to you, and fits the bill. Also taking a concealed carry class will help greatly as to things to look for and such. One thing I recommend strongly especially for a new shooter/new concealed carry liscensee is pick a platform you're comfortable with regarding how it functions and the safties. My preference is for handguns that have some form of external saftey, no a trigger saftey does not count in my opinion, whether it be a grip saftey or thumb saftey.
  7. kwolfe

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    I carry my LCR in 38 when I run. Hardly even know it's there
  8. gollygee

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    In Texas, it must be concealed & not "print". Being retired, I can dress anyway I please & can carry anything I please. If you are one of the unfortunate that have a dress code to maintain, then where & how you will carry will dictate what you carry, to some extent. The training classes, that have been mentioned, can help you decide these issues.
  9. Alpha1Victor

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    I run every morning with my sig p238 in a 5-11 compression holster shirt.

    Signing out, Alpha1victor.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Sorry guys but this type question always bothers me-
    Hello im new to all this & already wants to know a good gun to conceal with lots of stopping power :(