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Good morning, My name is Mike, and it is 4:15 here on the coastline of Connecticut, and it's cold. I love outdoor sports, shooting, lumberjack games, refinishing old wood gunstocks to better than new condition, collecting all types firearms (mostly now it has been all variants of Romanian AK's, hence the screenname CUR luvr 5.45).
I have a nice collection of rifles I have waited for and won on auction, I take the old wood off and refinish it to whatever shade of stain I feel that particular day, ranging from red Russian, to a blond Hungarian wood color almost.
I have a pretty decent knowledge of the AK variants, having taken apart, and put back together with new parts, many a rifle.
I look forward to interacting, answering questions if one chooses to ask, and i offer my help to the administrators and staff if my help can be of use.
I look forward to eventually transacting with one and all.
Best regards, and sncerely, Mike M aka CUR luvr5.45
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