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  1. AzRT

    AzRT New Member

    I just purchased a Springfield XDS 9 and a SW Shield .40. What ammo do you all use or suggest for home defense?

  2. MattJan18

    MattJan18 Member

    ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1491447748.969436.jpg this is what I keep loaded in my 9's
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  3. Alaskan

    Alaskan Active Member

    I keep the same in my SIG Scorpion 1911 45 ACP and XDM 4.5 45 ACP.
  4. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    I like Critical Defense in my medium sized pistols and Critical Duty for the full sized ones. Good stuff.
  5. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member Supporter

    any self defense ammo that functions reliably in your pistol.

    most of the major brands should suffice.

    what you need is reliable ammo that works each and every time the trigger is pulled.

    my first criteria and main concern is that the ammo functions. i place penetration and expansion as second level concerns and accuracy a dead last in third of what i look for in self defense ammo.

    after all, what does it matter how well it expands, or how deep it's penetration or how accurate it is, if it doesn't function reliably.

    buy several brands and try them out to see what works reliably in YOUR pistol. what works well for me or someone else may have problems in your pistol. you need to test in your pistol to make sure that it works well in your pistol, and if there is a problem, then to determine whether you have an ammo related problem, or a pistol related problem. the time to find out is during practice, not when you need your pistol in a crisis situation, where your life may depend upon them.
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  6. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    Dallas is 100% correct.
    I have hornady ammo that's 'the bees knees' but won't feed in my pistol. The rubber tip hangs up on this gun.
    I lubricated the rubber tips, polished and treated my feed ramp... same issue. But it feeds ball, and wad cutter flawlessly.

    I can't stress this enough. It sucks... because it's expensive. But when you buy a brand of hollopoint self defense ammo. Run it. Run it wet, run it hard, run a few boxes, and stick with that.
    Or torture test another brand before deciding on that.

    The best self defense ammo is the one that will work, and there's no other way around that one.
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  7. Greg_r

    Greg_r Well-Known Member

    I have shot quite a few different bullets into hams covered with work pants. My favorite bullets performance wise have been the Hornady XTP and the Ranch Dog style cast. I like Truncated Cone very well also.
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  8. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member Supporter

    i use a lot, and i mean a LOT of Hornady XTP's in my reloads. a very excellent bullet design bar none. they function very well in all of my pistols that i reload for, and are some of the best on the market.

    i also have no reservations in carrying my reloads in my carry guns or my self defense guns, since i am quite confident in their reliability. i also know they do very well as far as expansion and penetration as well.
  9. 1911man

    1911man Member

    "but it feeds ball, and semi-wad cutter flawlessly".

    There, FIFY.
  10. 1911man

    1911man Member

    All my SD ammo is handloaded with Hornady XTPs.

    I never trust someone else's ammo in my SD Carry guns.
  11. formerCav

    formerCav Well-Known Member

    speer gold dot 230 grain hollow points for my 1911
    or if not available
    Remington 230 grain hollow point golden sabers.
  12. headspace

    headspace Well-Known Member

    I clicked "like" for your response, 1911man. And I really do mean it. But I've been around these internet guns and shooting forums for a while now, and I have to say - your response to this common question is rather uncommon.:)
    As I said though - I like it. I feel a little bit that way myself.:)
  13. JonM

    JonM Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    i use factory ammo for sd. reason why is i dont know how long my components were in storage before i got them. factory stuff is usually not sitting around before it is assembled. factory ammo utilizes blends of powders resulting in safer higher pressures than i can achieve through off shelf components.

    95% of the ammo i shoot are handloads. i shoot around a thousand rounds a month give or take a hundred or two on average. i experience enough bad primers in handloads to know im not willing to risk my life on being cheap.

    handloads for training and fun, sure i do it a lot. handloads where im betting my wife's and my life on it... no
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  14. 1911man

    1911man Member

    LOL, the same primers that go into factory ammo are the same primers you load in your handloads.

    Factory ammo does not have my eyes and my press.
    When I load the primer tray I can see instantly if the primer contains the anvil and is complete, factory ammo cannot do that.
    When I size my brass I know that the case has a flash hole, factory ammo cannot do that.

    If you were to shoot a 1000 rounds a month of factory ammo you would find the same or maybe even a greater failure rate.

    Here are some photos of Factory ammo gone bad. You will never find anything like this coming from my bench, but you will coming from Walmart or your local gun shop.!
  15. formerCav

    formerCav Well-Known Member

    I've never had a bad primer and I've been loading since 1979.
    If I had that many bad primers, I'd definitely change brands.
  16. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member Supporter

    i do sometimes carry reloads. more out of economics than anything else. i figure that the failure rate of factory ammo is probably about the same as my reloads!

    i do however load much fewer rounds than the factory does and i am able to oversee the QC a bit much better than the factory though.

    but the main reason, is simply money. why should i spend $30-40 for a box of premium SD ammo when i can put together the same ammo for a 1/4 of the price? i'm just too much of tightwad to to do that!

    and in a crucial moment, that i need a gun to go bang, and it doesn't, then i figure Mr. Murphy has stuck his nose into my business and it hardly matters whether i had factory or reloaded ammo!
  17. Daoust_Nat

    Daoust_Nat Well-Known Member Supporter

    It is probably all serviceable. You pretty much need to see what works in your firearm, and then decide for reasons you value, which to pick.

    I use Liberty Civil Defense. Small bullet, great speed. Did well in the gel penetration tests. It does not have a lot of recoil, so follow up shots are pretty easy. But, again, that is my choice. It may not work for others, but there is probably no bad answer. Some are probably better than others.
  18. CaptMidnight

    CaptMidnight New Member Supporter

    This whole SD ammo is mostly a marketing ploy to peddle over priced products. Why has the round nosed FMJ sufficed for over a century of wars? I am more concerned about the reliable feeding in a multi-shot pistol.
    I doubt that humanity has morphed some super human species over the past decades. I don't doubt that American Capitalism has not improved it's profits.:D;)
  19. dango

    dango Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I to am using Hornady 124 gr. and runs quite well ......!

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  20. 1911man

    1911man Member

    ..or his primer seating technique.