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    First I want to say I know nothing about AK's. I went to the range the other day with a buddy of mine to shoot my new pistol. We get there and he pulls out a Norinco Ak-47. He says its about 12 years old, but he hasnt fired it in 10 years. He said it only had around 200 rounds through it. It was just sitting in his closet. We ran some spam can ammo through it, and it functioned flawlessly. I was hitting a 18"x18" steel plate at 200yds no problem, so it seems to be pretty accurate. He offered to sell it to me with 2 5rnd mags and one 30rdn mag for $300. Is this a good deal?
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    Yes. You can't usually find a Norinco for under $450, in good used condition in my area.

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    If you don't buy it, let me take it off his hands.